Juan Williams column for The Hill is proof that Democrats don’t require logic or a faithfulness to the truth. In fact, truth is essentially forbidden from the Democrat Party. In his column, Williams accused Republicans of not being patriotic. Think of that in light of Rep. Swalwell, (D-Calif.), apparently sleeping with a Chinese spy, Speaker Pelosi saying that there’s no reason to remove Rep. Swalwell from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, aka HPSCI, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, also of California, having a Chinese spy as her driver while she was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Those 3 California Democrats aren’t patriots. They shouldn’t be part of Congress, much less part of influential committees. As proof that Republicans aren’t patriotic, Williams wrote “More than 50 cases challenging the election have also been dismissed as baseless — in many cases, by Republican judges in state and federal courts.” What Williams omitted is that none of those lawsuits verdicts was based on the merits. This is part of Williams’ column:

How do you trust House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R- Calif.) when he is turning away from patriotism by attacking America’s greatest asset, its political stability?

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to refuse to seat the Republican House members who signed on to the Texas lawsuit. “Men and women who would act to tear the United States government apart cannot serve as Members of the Congress,” Pascrell tweeted.

Kevin McCarthy isn’t “turning away from patriotism” by attacking America’s political stability. McCarthy is highlighting the Biden family’s shady dealings with China, the US’s biggest threat and enemy. He’s highlighting the Democrats’ complicity with Chinese spies, too. The last I looked, that’s an act of patriotism, not turning away from patriotism.

Rep. Pascrell is one of the wildest Democrats out there. He isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, either. They won their elections by a vote of the people. If Rep. Pascrell thinks that isn’t good enough, then that’s acting like a dictator. That’s un-American.

Even after the Electoral College vote, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) used the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to air more false claims of election corruption. This daily show of contempt for democracy did not stop even when Trump’s former head of cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, testified that the election was the most secure in the nation’s history.

I watched that hearing. When cross-examined, Krebs admitted that he was talking purely from a cybersecurity standpoint. Krebs admitted his statement didn’t mean that illegal ballots weren’t cast, that dead people didn’t vote or that people didn’t vote twice. That’s additional proof that Democrats don’t hesitate in misleading people. This testimony negates Williams’ writing that fraud wasn’t committed:

Democrats have frequently proven that they’re the party of deception. Unfortunately, that pattern doesn’t appear to be changing.

3 Responses to “With Democrats, logic & truth are optional”

  • eric z says:

    What’s a PATRIOT? Is “Build Back Better” patriotic, or not? Deets rule. Feinstein thought herself Ms. Daisy, and thus thought Morgan Freeman was her driver, and you cannot fault Morgan Freeman. The other two? Anti-progressive, hence in the way.

    Rand Paul? The election was stolen? You are just making Trump richer on the way out the door, with chumps giving cash to him per “Stop the Steal.”

    Trump was born on third base and thought he’d stolen it from second. He’s shaking down rubes on that STS slogan. Another bogus slogan in the way of the deets. We had eight Obama years and I am still waiting for CHANGE and HOPE. Learning something about slogans and truth and what “congruence” means.

  • eric z says:

    Just noticed Breitbart, 21 Dec., “Bill Barr’s Final Press Conference: ‘No Reason’ to Appoint Special Counsel on Election, Hunter Biden.” Some are more strident than Barr, and Trump is in the counting house counting up his money. His “Stop the Steal” money freely given to his PAC, with the money going into Trump’s pocket. He is playing his base for suckers. Bless those small-amount donors. Bless ’em and fleece ’em.

  • Chad Q says:

    Born on third base? Is it always an envy thing with progressives? Trump did more in 4 years to help the country than Obama, Bush or Clinton did in 24 years or Biden will do in 47.5 years.
    The only suckers are the ones that voted for Biden or believe that a socialist/communist society will be better than the capitalist society we have had for generations.

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