People ridiculed President Trump when he said that we’d have a vaccine for COVID by the end of this year. Those people were wrong – – bigtime. This past Monday, frontline workers in New York were the first to get vaccinated. That same day, the Pfizer vaccine arrived in Minnesota.

We know this because Gov. Walz told us that in a Friday email. In that email, it said “On Monday, the first COVID-19 vaccine shipments arrived in Minnesota. Governor Walz visited the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center to greet the very first shipment’s arrival. On Tuesday, the Governor returned to the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center to applaud as the Minneapolis VA administered their first vaccine to nurse Thera Witte. ‘This is an exciting day for Minnesota,’ said Governor Tim Walz. “The first vaccines are here. They are safe, and they will be ready to go soon. The sun is coming up, Minnesota’. ‘With these first shipments, we will soon begin vaccinating thousands of health care workers and the most critically at-risk Minnesotans,’ Governor Walz continued. ‘All Minnesotans will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine in time, but until then, we need to stay safe and keep up the fight.'”
Walz inspects vaccine shipment

The state has been waiting on this shipment for months. They’ve theoretically had months to train for administering the shots. Each day that the shots aren’t administered, additional people needlessly die. Those lives are on Gov. Walz’s head.

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