It isn’t surprising that the DFL is already attempting to limit the political damage that’s heading the DFL’s direction. House Democrats have kept intact Gov. Walz’s autocratic authorities about 6 months longer than they should have. This week, they’re attempting to claim credit for fixing what the DFL broke through Gov. Walz’s shelter-in-place orders.

Contrary to Walz’s statements, the DFL’s edicts weren’t based on science. They’re based on a thirst for controlling (and ruining) people’s lives. Yesterday, DFL Rep. Dan Wolgamott sent out a statement on the relief package the legislature passed Monday night.

He wrote “Monday night, after weeks of negotiations, the Minnesota Legislature finally passed a bipartisan package of legislation aimed at providing a lifeline to our state’s small businesses and working families. This isn’t a perfect, fix-all solution, but it does provide a lifeline for those struggling to get by until federal relief can arrive. The bill includes a 13-week extension of unemployment insurance and direct financial support for businesses. The Department of Revenue estimates that 5,800 small businesses will receive $82-88 million beginning before the end of the year. Another $114.5 million will be distributed to counties to provide grants to impacted businesses, and movie theaters and convention centers will receive $14 million. In this bill, Stearns County would receive just over $3.16 million for small business grants, and Benton and Sherburne Counties would receive $256 thousand and $1.9 million, respectively.”

Had the DFL followed the science and put in place mitigation standards for small businesses and restaurants, businesses would’ve stayed open and they wouldn’t now need this lifeline from the government. Wolgamott essentially represented Tim Walz during each of the special sessions this summer and fall.

Wolgamott isn’t in good shape because of redistricting. He lives to the east of Highway 10 but the vast majority of his district is west of the Mississippi River. St. Cloud proper is losing people. Most of the population growth is to the north (Sauk Rapids and Tim O’Driscoll) or east (township country and Shane Mekeland). He’d get obliterated against either opponent.

Dan Wolgamott voted to keep businesses closed despite the data. He and the entire DFL own the shutdown. Ditto with Tim Walz. The fact that he voted to pay off the business owners is irrelevant because he and the DFL voted to put these businesses in dire straits in the first place.

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