Jill Biden insists that she be called Dr. Jill Biden. LFR doesn’t respect Mrs. Biden’s position paper. That’s why I won’t address her by that title. First, let’s look at Nick Arama’s article on the subject.

Arama wrote “Media, Democrats, and Jill Biden’s team have all been insistent upon calling Jill Biden “Dr.” She received an Ed.D not a Ph.D and is not a medical doctor.” Later, he continued, saying “So, given they are so insistent on addressing her as “Dr.”, let’s take a look at what an ‘executive position paper’ looks like to receive that doctorate. The point of the paper was basically to look at problems of student retention in community college.”

Then he cut to the heart of the matter:

Not trying to be nasty or partisan, but the writing is awful. She could have used a copy-editor to deal with a lot of the sentences and problems. So, here are a few samples. Matt Bramanti first pointed out many of them on Twitter.

First, there was this gem in the second sentence: “The needs of the student population are often undeserved, resulting in a student drop-out rate of almost one third.” Were their needs “undeserved” or did she mean “underserved,” as I suspect?

Then there were some other fun ones: “Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.” How many quarters is that, Dr. Biden?

Later in her position paper she wrote:

Delaware Technical and Community College is a statewide multi-campus community college committed to providing open admission, postsecondary education. The college offers comprehensive educational opportunities including career, general, developmental, and transfer education, lifelong learning, and workforce training. The College is committed to the advancement of teaching and technology, student development, and community service. The College believes in the practical value of higher education as a means of economic and personal advancement. The College promotes diversity and multi cultural and global awareness. The College respects and cares for students as individuals and maintains a friendly and open institution which welcomes all students and supports their aspirations for a better life.

God help us if these examples count as high-level scholarship. Naturally, the usual suspects defend Mrs. Biden:

Michelle Obama railed, saying “we’re all seeing what also happens to so many professional women, whether their title is Dr., Ms., Mrs. or even First Lady. All too often, our accomplishments are met with skepticism, even derision.” That’s disgusting. That position paper shouldn’t have resulted in an Ed.D; it should’ve resulted in a failing grade. I would’ve expected better from a college term paper.

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  • Chad Q says:

    Those who have letters behind their name and need to be addressed by those letters outside of professional situations are some of the most loathsome people in the world.

  • John Palmer says:

    Those who signed off on the submission are guilty of academic fraud. It is the responsibility of the lead advisor to make sure the submission is typo and error free. As an editor and an advisory for masters and doctoral work, It is my opinion that Jill Biden’s submission would not be accepted for publication nor would it have been submitted for review by the committee. The university failed to meet Jill Biden’s needs and has left their student and their university open to ridicule. By demanding the use of the Dr. Jill Biden has drawn attention to her shoddy work. My opinions reflect 44 years of experience in higher education and the achievement of 4 college degrees.

  • eric z says:

    Was Jill Biden married to the Senator when in 2006 she was awarded her education degree by the U. of Delaware? The question is relevant.

    When, aside from credible faculty at a credible university, the addressing term Dr. or Professor is not generally recognized. This looks much like Dr. Bachmann, Michele’s husband, with his distant learning Doctorate. I.e., suspect.

    She’s pretentious, and Joe indulges that. It augers ill for four years, but that’s just one progressive’s opinion.

    “They call me the Doctor, in my neighborhood, but my baby calls me, Doctor Feelgood” is what calling the woman “Doctor” brings to my mind. I know that song dates me, but Jeeze, give up the awful pretentiousness and be taken more seriously without it.

    Without taking time to look at the work product, at least the page count suffices.

    She’s a community college teacher? That seems to be, although I’d not researched her bio.


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