Chris Wallace has had a difficult fall season. His popularity started dropping when he pretended to be the moderator of the first presidential debate. His ratings have dropped ever since he tried tag-teaming with Joe Biden against President Trump.

Wallace’s slippage continued yesterday when he “interrupted Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Sunday after Azar referred to Joe Biden as ‘vice president’ rather than ‘president-elect.'” It started when Secretary Azar said “We welcome Vice President Biden to the club. Since the middle of April … the president’s guidelines have called for —” That’s when Wallace inserted himself into the conversation:

“He’s the president-elect, sir. He’s the president-elect.”

I guess that settles it. Chris Wallace insists that Joe Biden is the president-elect. We don’t need the Electoral College to meet. President Trump’s legal team should withdraw their lawsuits. the DOJ should stop its investigations. Chris Wallace has declared this race over.

What chutzpah. There’s a reason why FNC’s ratings are tanking. Chris Wallace’s partisanship is major reason why. Of course, it didn’t help that their Decision Desk called Arizona way too early.

Wallace’s elitism drips from every word. If FNC wants to become MSNBC, that’s their decision. If they think that someone won’t replace what FNC used to provide, they’re kidding themselves. People drive markets, not elitists. There’s an old saying that goes like this: When the people want something bad enough and they scream for it long enough and loud enough, the people get what they want. That’s precisely how markets work.

Chris Wallace can make all of the declarations that he wants about who is or isn’t president-elect. When the Electoral College certifies the election, then we’ll have a president-elect, not a minute before.

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