Is Politics More Valuable than Human Lives?
By Ramblin’ Rose

How pervasive is the hatred for President Trump by the Democrats and other progressives? It appears that the lives of 190,000 US citizens were not important in their quest to demean and belittle all his efforts. At least, that appears to be the information from a Senate hearing that was not reported by the MSM.
Many of us were hopeful when we learned last spring (March 19) about the potential of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in preventing and/or treating early cases of COVID. It had been used for decades (1934) in the treatment of malaria and was considered at least partially effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. It had been approved by the FDA and was very inexpensive and abundant. In June, the FDA revoked its emergency authorization of HCQ.
The very second that President Trump suggested its consideration in treating COVID, the partisan political games began. At least one legislator from Michigan contacted President Trump personally, received sanction for a legal prescription and recovered from COVID. Others around the world reported similar successes. But not in this country.

Some medical professionals held press conferences last summer and spoke of their successes with patients and pleaded with politicians to join them in the fight of treating COVID. The politicians sided with Dr. Fauci and against President Trump. The politicians prevailed.

Recently, more successful reports arrived from other countries. As the number of cases and deaths surged again in the USA this fall, the blame fell to the Trump rallies and not to the riots and protestors. Blame was always attributed to President Trump and his “cult.”

The MSM completely ignored the November 19th full committee hearing the Committee of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, chaired by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). At the “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution,” three acclaimed doctors spoke—Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. George Fareed. They “spoke authoritatively on the success of HCQ cocktails in keeping COVID patients out of hospital and saving lives.” Senator Johnson and the medical experts bemoaned the lack of support from the federal government in supporting at-home care and even opposition to proven clinical studies and reports. In fact, the politicians had blocked the use of demonstrated successful means of treatment.

Political ‘experts’ who insist that they believe in science rejected scientific proof of ways to treat patients and combat the plague.

At the committee hearing, one Democrat vociferously challenged the medical experts. When Senator Johnson asked Dr. Ashish Jha if he had ever treated a COVID patient, he replied he hadn’t. His colleagues spoke of testing and vaccines.

In the words of Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, writing for the WorldNetDaily: “Johnson summed up the ugly reality perfectly. He said it was “unconscionable and inhuman” to do nothing to promote effective home treatments. And he said this: “We should have the right to access this without the interference of bureaucrats in the CDC, NIH and the FDA. And that is exactly what’s happened. I can’t get it. Millions of Americans can’t access it because of the disinformation, the scaremongering and the prescription log jam that has been created by bureaucrats.”

Daily we learn of more cases, more hospitalizations, more deaths from COVID. States suffer more shutdowns from authoritarian governors. Businesses close. Workers lose jobs, income and self-esteem. Deaths from the stresses caused by the pandemic and politicians also skyrocket. We suffer.

The doctors reported at the hearing that the hospitalizations and deaths could be reduced by 70-80% if known means of early intervention with at-home treatments would be authorized. That translates to having save 190,000 human lives IF THE POLITICIANS WERE NOT SO STUBBORNLY POLITICAL. (Yes, I am shouting. I am mad.)

Personally, I asked my own doctor last summer about preventative care with HCQ. She declined with the PC answer— “not approved.”

Does the Left really hate President Trump and Patriots enough to condemn innocent citizens to death in order to further their political agenda?
God help us all! God bless the USA!!

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  • eric z says:

    Do you have any source to link to about whether Trump at Walter Reed was treated with this chemical? He touted it. Did he take it? Was it offered and declined, or not a part of the Walter Reed protocol to even offer it? If you know. It seems kept a very dark point of silence where detailed “sunshine” transparency is required. What did he take and when did he take it. Otherwise it’s sensible to expect a hoax, or at least an error in information.

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