When Joe Biden called for healing and unity, conservatives immediatedly questioned the sincerity of his motivation. After 4 years of trying to stop him from winning, then trying to surveil his team, people had the right to be suspicious. After that came a years-long impeachment investigation, followed by a brief impeachment hearing. Finally, there was a forced vote on articles of impeachment that didn’t even include a crime, much less a high crime.

Rev. Raphael Warnock, one of the Democrats’ candidates for the US Senate in Georgia, apparently didn’t get the unity memo. From his pulpit, he’s telling people they have to repent from their worship of whiteness. If that’s the path to unity, I’d prefer discord over this:

That isn’t the path to unity. Besides, to get back to even-even, Democrats owe conservatives some reparations. The first step for reparations is making the Trump tax cuts permanent. The next step is passing the Alice Marie Johnson-Donald Trump Second Step Act. If Democrats do their part in turning those things into reality, then unity might be possible. I’m not betting on this happening. It’s just what Democrats need to do if they want unity.

Otherwise, I’ll repeat what I’ve said before. I want people to prosper and be safe in their neighborhoods. I don’t give a damn if a politician does the right thing or falls flat on his face. I care about the people, not the politicians.

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  • eric z says:

    Ulysses S. Grant was nicknamed, “Unconditional Surrender.” He was a unity president. After a unity war and a dissident assassination. And after an impeachment of next man up after the assassination. He cared about the railroads not the politicians.
    History teaches us about today. Al Capp taught us that way too, as did Walt Kelly.

    The Business Roundtable has spoken. Saying Biden won. Somebody has to call the shots.

    Also, reparations? Robert E. Lee’s estate was taken to turn it into a cemetery for war dead from the winning side. Lee paid reparations.

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