President Trump made history this election. President Trump made history by being the first president to have electoral coat tails in a losing effort. A week before the election, Democrat pundits were talking about unified Democrat government in Washington, DC, picking up some legislative bodies, some governorships and a stronger Democrat majority for Queen Nancy Pelosi-Antoinette.

At this point, it looks unlikely that Chuck Schumer will be Senate Majority Leader. While Nancy Pelosi is still Speaker of the House, her majority is the smallest Democrat majority since WW II. That’s because Republicans performed better than expected, doing especially well in the category titled “Democrats expected to win narrowly”. In that category of races, Republicans flipped 5 seats. They also flipped 4 seats in districts classified as toss-ups.

As for state legislative bodies, Republicans held their majorities in every state where they had a majority going into the election. Republicans picked up a governorship. It’s worth noting that President Trump earned 9,000,000 more votes this time than in 2016. Despite all these impressive performances, President Trump still lost. Or did he? I’m with Jesse Water when he says that “something doesn’t add up”:

How does a president significantly improve his performance, then lose re-election? Something doesn’t add up. Joe Biden spent the summer not campaigning. When Democrat pundits pontificated about his strategy, the pundits said that the strategy of making Trump the centerpiece was working. That’s a pile of BS. Democrats said that putting President Trump front and center advantaged them. What do they say after President Trump earned 9,000,000+ more votes than 2016? Something doesn’t add up here. Republicans everywhere, including California and NY State, did better than expected but Trump lost? I don’t buy it.

4 Responses to “Donald Trump’s coat tails”

  • Nick says:

    Trump did better with every demographic except White Men.

  • Nick says:

    Also, Republicans haven’t lost a single state legislative chamber according to In fact, they gained two chambers, both in New Hampshire. The only legislative chambers where they performed poorly were Connecticut’s House and Senate.

  • eric z says:

    Was it Trump enthusiam, Biden lacking any coattail appeal, or simply regular demographics governing given two flawed candidates? Gary, what’s your guess.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Trump enthusiasm definitely played a major role because he’s such a charismatic person. The thing about Trump rallies, which I’ve watched lots of, is that they’re parties. This notion that they’re filled with angry white men isn’t accurate. These people are partying. They’re in a great mood, too. Many of the attendees are grateful because a) they see President Trump’s policies have brought back entire communities (because they have brought back communities) and b) Trump has listened to their concerns. He’s legitimately fighting for these “forgotten people.”

    Republicans that ran by attaching themselves to Trump often won because people appreciated those things.

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