Saying that Pennsylvania’s voting irregularities are troubling is understatement. This article does more than cast doubt on what happened in Pennsylvania, especially Philadelphia. Inside the article, it says “Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 2 percent in Erie in 2016. He received 57,168 votes. In 2020, he’s losing to Biden in Erie by 1.0 percent. The Democrats (Hillary) got 54,820 votes in Erie County in 2016. In 2020, the Democrats (Biden) got 68,336 votes in Erie. Look at that increase for Democrats from 2016 to 2020: almost 30 percent. That’s staggering for a county adorned with Trump signs.”

It continues, saying “‘I was at the Trump rally in Erie,’ observes Emily, a college student. ‘There literally were not enough busses to transport everyone there.’ She asks with a bewildered look: ‘Where did all of those Biden votes come from?'” This doesn’t make sense from a historical standpoint. In 2016, 96.6% of people who attended Trump rallies voted for Trump. This year, President Trump had the most robust GOTV in history. Further, the Democrats’ ground game didn’t exist. Yet I’m supposed to think that Joe Biden performed significantly better than Hillary without campaigning and without a GOTV operation? I don’t think that’s what happened.

The article notes that Erie County was “adorned with Trump signs.” It’s difficult to envision shy Biden voters, especially considering the fact that Republicans don’t dox people, nor do they torment people who vote for Democrats. Look at this sea of humanity:

This might explain the extra Biden votes:

Of course, Erie right now is the subject of a major case of alleged fraud with mail-in ballots. The county is receiving national attention because of a sworn affidavit by postal worker Richard Hopkins, who said that Postmaster Rob Weisenbach directed him and co-workers to hand over ballots received after Election Day, which he then back-dated. “Weisenbach was back-dating the postmarks on the ballots to make it appear as though the ballots had been collected on November 3, 2020 despite them in fact being collected on November 4 and possibly later,” said Hopkins.

If it’s found as fact that Weisenbach fraudulently back-dated these ballots, then everything in Pennsylvania changes dramatically. The USPS is definitely trying to change this narrative. The Biden campaign surely is hoping that this post-mark affidavit disappears.

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