Joe Biden has picked oncologist Ezekiel Emanuel to be part of his COVID-19 transition task force. It’s immediately apparent that Biden’s team are globalists. Dr. Emanuel’s COVID-19 vaccine plan has lots of interesting facets to it.

One of those interesting parts is titled the Fair Priority Model. The Fair Priority Model features “a ‘fair international distribution of vaccine,’ rather than what he and his co-authors characterized as ‘vaccine nationalism.'”

Dr. Mengele would’ve been proud to have been associated with Dr. Emanuel. Dr. Emanuel is thoroughly ghoulish. What’s worst is that he’s ghoulish with a stethoscope. The last thing we should want is this guy advising anyone about health. Check this out:

Then check out this graphic:

If, God forbid, that Biden is elected, America First will be finished for the next 4 years. It’s apparent that the corrupt internationalists and corporatists have returned with a vengeance. Ezekiel Emanuel and Joe Biden are part of that society.

God help us all.

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