This Bloomberg article initially made me laugh. Then I realized that they’re serious. The article opens by saying “Joe Biden won the presidency promising to bring Americans together. But now his administration is sure to come under pressure from some Democrats to risk exacerbating divisions by investigating and prosecuting Donald Trump.”

Later in the article, it mentions “Prosecutors could revive the investigation into campaign-finance violations that resulted in a three-year sentence for Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen and re-examine the instances of possible obstruction of justice that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller uncovered in his probe into Russia’s 2016 election interference.”

The Special Counsel’s Office didn’t bring charges because their investigation didn’t find evidence of obstruction of justice. To obstruct justice, the person has to obstruct a criminal investigation. A criminal investigation didn’t start because a criminal investigation wouldn’t have been properly predicated. The investigators knew from Day One that the subsource for the Steele Dossier was a Russian spy known to specialize in Russia’s disinformation projects.

The DOJ can investigate all it wants. It’s a dry well. There’s a reason why nothing from Mueller’s investigation found its way into the Democrats’ articles of impeachment. Watch Jim Jordan utterly shred Mueller during a House Judiciary Committee hearing:

You want Mueller testifying? You can’t be serious.

Representative Mike Quigley of Illinois, a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, which investigated Trump, said he believes some of the president’s actions warrant further scrutiny. “No one wants to give the perception of being vindictive,” Quigley said. “But, you know, I think there’s genuine concern with ongoing criminal activities. So, at the very least those should be looked at.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has suggested forming an independent commission within the Justice Department to investigate the Trump administration and pursue criminal charges if appropriate.

It’s apparent that Democrats are vindictive to the Nth Degree. They’ve spent so much time investigating that they don’t know how to do substantive things that actually help people.

5 Responses to “Will Biden order Trump’s prosecution?”

  • eric z says:

    If Trump leaves quietly, recognizing he was voted out, he’ll be yesterday’s news, but the nation will move on. There is no real upside to being mean toward him, regardless. If Trump does not accept an election defeat, there will be many saying charges should be pressed. If the tax return info NYT published is correct, Trump’s bigger exit worry is how to pay off debt once he is again a private citizen.

  • Patrick Mattson says:

    In my opinion if Biden does that then he risks all out civil war.

  • Gretchen Leisen says:

    Biden risks losing some of his following because he does not have a loyal fanbase like Donald J Trump has. It would be extremely foolish if he would endorse such a vindictive policy following this divisive time.

  • Chad Q says:

    So if Trump just bends over and takes it like a good boy and doesn’t fight the multiple allegations of fraud, the corrupt Democrats are just going to leave him alone? The Democrats picked on the wrong guy if they think that’s going to happen.

    As for the NYT illegally obtained tax return, there’s a thing called an asset to liability ratio and he’s well within respectable limits. Plus, if he makes what Obama has made once out of office, he’ll be just fine.

  • eric z says:

    Chad Q. If anyone is going to post a comment here favorable to Obama, it would be interesting to see who and to see what it says.

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