After reading this article, it’s safe to say that the NY Times is delusional. Here’s the opening paragraphs of the article:

The big drama now facing the Democratic Party in the presidential contest is how, when and even whether Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will depart the race.

The contest is coming to a close as Puerto Rico votes on Sunday and Montana and South Dakota on Tuesday, finishing a process that began five months ago in Iowa. Even if those results do not put Senator Barack Obama over the top, aides to both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton said they expected enough superdelegates to rally behind Mr. Obama in the 48 hours after the final primaries to allow him to proclaim himself the nominee.

The key to deciphering whether Hillary was planning on getting out is found in this paragraph:

Mrs. Clinton has kept her counsel about what she might do to draw her campaign to a close. But when the rules committee of the Democratic Party divided up delegates from Michigan and Florida on Saturday night, Harold Ickes, a committee member and Clinton adviser, said she was reserving the right to contest the decision into the summer.

Anyone who thinks that Hillary is now satisfied with the DNC’s ruling and will now ride off into the sunset is kidding themselves. It’s more likely that she’s upset with the decision and that she’ll fight onward. I certainly wouldn’t rule out Hillary taking the fight to the Credentials Committee.

People have said that this won’t happen because it would hurt party unity. forget that nonsense. Party unity has been greatly diminished, if not destroyed. Anyone thinking that the Democratic Party will be united after Denver isn’t paying attention to the fierce fights that’ve happened.

As I pointed out here, the Democrats have some serious issues to resolve. how those problems gets resolved will tell about who the next chairman of the DNC will be. I’m betting that the Deaniacs’ scorched earth patterns won’t earn them much applause. That’s why I said the first thing that’ll happen after the election is the obligatory circular firing squad.

Don’t be surprised if Dr. Dean is the guest of honor at that event.

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