Minnesota’s two-headed DFL monster, aka Tim Walz and Keith Ellison, stopped President Trump’s mega-MAGA Rochester rally. At least, they tried to limit it. Despite trying to limit the crowd to 250 people, an estimated 25,000 people showed up.

President Trump took aim at Walz and Ellison right from the start of his speech, saying “We’ve been given a very hard time by your so-called leaders. But they’re not very good leaders, as you found out during the riots.” President Trump continued his riff, saying “Keith Ellison and Joe Biden want to imprison you in your homes while letting anarchists, agitators and vandals roam free as they try to destroy your cities and states.”

This message hits home because DFL ‘leaders’ like Tim Walz and Jacob Frey didn’t respond quickly to the riots. The DFL is getting dragged into this prolonged shutdown by Tim Walz, too. It’s time to open Minnesota up. Minnesota’s business owners shouldn’t get treated like children. They’ve earned the right to be treated like adults.

President Trump did the right thing in visiting the people who showed up that weren’t allowed to attend the rally:

Trump supporters vented their frustration. Jamie Scherdin, a psychology student at Winona State who was wearing a “Women for Trump” hat, said protests throughout the summer had larger crowds, adding, “It’s just to try to silence the Republicans.”

Connie Anderson of Rochester did not make the 250-person cutoff but showed up along with hundreds of others who gathered outside the airport to show their support. She said the state needs to remove virus restrictions and believes businesses will follow health guidelines without mandates.

There’s no doubt in my mind that President Trump will win Minnesota. People stood in the chilling wind to get a glimpse of Air Force One. If they’re willing to do that, they’ll turn out to vote.

Tim Walz, Keith Ellison and the DFL tried stopping President Trump. That failed miserably. They failed because it’s impossible to stop a force of nature.

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