This Hillary suppporter thinks that the DNC is treating Hillary’s supporters like second class citizens.

To say that Harriet Christian is upset is putting things mildly. when she says that “the Democrats are throwing the election away”, it was obvious that she didn’t think too highly of Sen. Obama. By the time she called Sen. Obama “an inadequate black male”, it was abundantly obvious that she wouldn’t be cutting the DNC a check anytime soon. when se said “God damn the Democrats”, I was fairly certain that she wouldn’t be on Howard Dean’s Christmas card list. When she said that “they think we won’t vote for McCain. Well I’ve got news for you. McCain will be the next president of the United States”, I’m relatively certain that Ms. Christian will be on John McCain’s Christmas card wish list.

I said here that there’s some serious divides within the Democratic Party. This is proofthat those divisions run deep and that they won’t easily be healed. The next step is the circular firing squad.

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