Thank God for Ronna McDaniel’s twitter feed. Without the statistics from President Trump’s rallies, I’d have nothing but worthless media polls to base my political opinions on. Friday, President Trump made campaign stops in The Villages, FL and Pensacola, FL. According to McDaniel’s reports, both rallies added new Trump voters:

President Trump, aka the Executive Branch’s Energizer Bunny, isn’t slowing down. President Trump has held 2 rallies on Saturday thus far and still plans on holding a third rally tonight. Then it’s more rallies in battleground states each day until Election Day. Chairwoman McDaniel is doing a great job running the RNC and getting out these statistics. President Trump is the best presidential campaigner, at least in terms of energy and enthusiastic crowds.

Based on the size of President Trump’s rallies and Ronna McDaniel’s statistics, it’s pretty obvious that the polls are pretty wrong. The sole exception to that is the Trafalgar Group’s polling.

Next weekend, expect my predictions post. I want to see a few more days worth of data before making another prediction. This I’ll guarantee, though: My predictions likely won’t line up with the MSM’s predictions.

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