Katie Pavlich’s latest Townhall column should frighten the daylights out of the Biden campaign. This afternoon, a Biden surrogate said that rally attendance doesn’t equal votes. I disagree with that. I wrote here about something that Brad Parscale said the day before the New Hampshire Primary.

Parscale said “96.6% of the people who attend a Trump rally wind up voting for him.” Additionally, Parscale said that “if a person who attends a Trump rally and who makes a contribution, the chances of that voter returning and voting for Trump jumps to 98.4%.” That sounds to me like attending a Trump rally eventually turns into voting for President Trump. But I digress. Back to the Pavlich article. She quoted RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s tweet:

This isn’t a fluke. It’s been happening at Trump rally after Trump rally. If it happens occasionally, it’s a bit fluky. If it happens frequently, it’s a pattern. This fits as a pattern.

This is from today:

One last tweet:

Put these statistics together points to one thing — a solid Trump victory. Hopefully, that equates to unified GOP governance. Finally, what these statistics don’t point to is a blue wave. You can write that wave off.

2 Responses to “Statistics the Biden campaign should be worried about”

  • eric z says:

    TV ads? Is Trump flooding the airwaves? I don’t watch TV, I use the internet, but many my age do. Is Trump or Biden the most competitive that way, if you know?

    Does anybody use newspaper ads any more?

    Finally, doorknocking, does Trump have the advantage on volunteer GOTV effort? Rallies can only reach a few, even if TV stations carry reports of large segment size.

    In Minnesota, is the Trump ground gain ahead of Biden’s?

  • Gary Gross says:
    1. Trump is investing more in GOTV than in TV ads. Trump is making efficient use of social media ads.
    2. No.
    3. Yes. I just heard that Republicans have hit 3,000,000 voter contacts in Minnesota & 130,000,000 nationwide. That’s unprecedented.
    4. Yes.

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