Less than eight short years ago, Gore-Lieberman attorneys argued that every vote should count. It was so repetitive that “Count every vote” became a punchline for comedians. Against that backdrop, it’s ironic that Sen. Obama’s people will be arguing against seating the entire Michigan delegation. Here’s what the Detroit Free Press is reporting:

Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer is delivering the argument for restoring the state’s lost delegation to this summer’s nominating convention, saying the state has already suffered a penalty from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton not campaigning in the state during the primary.“Michigan’s Democratic voters have already been punished enough for what has occurred over the last year,” he said.

Brewer also argued that not restoring Michigan to full strength puts it at risk of being captured by Republicans. In the last four elections, Michigan has gone for the Democratic presidential candidate but there are worried it could be lost if the delegation, lost in a scheduling dispute with the national party, is not restored in full.

Said Brewer: “Michigan has been completely bypassed. Every time (presumptive GOP nominee) John McCain visits Michigan or Republican officials campaign on his behalf, they never fail to remind the voters how the Democrats have ignored Michigan.”

Several points must be made. From the Democrats’ standpoint, Chairman Brewer is right that the state has been punished by Hillary and Obama campaigning there. That said, they’ve been punished because Howard laid things out in a very straightforward way what would happen if Florida and Michigan moved their primaries up before SuperDuper Tuesday on February 15. At the time, it was obvious that he’d have to revisit that decision. It was equally clear that he got painted into a corner because he tried pandering to New Hampshire and Iowa.

Which leads to this day. Had Dr. Dean not pandered to New Hampshire and Iowa, with 4 and 5 electoral votes respectively, we might’ve had Michigan and Florida first. Or possibly Iowa, followed by Michigan the next Tuesday, with New Hampshire and Florida next in line.

Now the DNC’s decision is back to haunt them. If they don’t seat the Florida and Michigan delegations with full voting rights, the DNC will be correctly accused with being hypocrites. Many of the people that continuously chanted “Count every vote” in 2000 will be the same people saying in 2008 that not all votes are created equal.

This isn’t the only war happening inside the Democratic Party, either. It’s just the one that’s the highest profile right now. (I’ll have more on the Democrats’ other problems in another post.)

The bottom line is that Democrats could’ve proven that they’re for change, thereby voting for a different schedule. Instead, they chose to accept a status quo schedule which they now have to defend.

One final irony must be pointed out. If Michigan’s and Florida’s election results are counted, Hillary will have garnered more votes than Obama, yet Sen. Obama will have more delegates.

Whatever happened to the principle of one person, one vote?

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