Barack Obama will campaign with Joe Biden in an attempt to salvage what little is left of President Obama’s tattered legacy. An aide to the former president told ABC News that “President Obama plans to hit the trail soon, in addition to all the other activities he’s undertaken all year in support of electing VP Biden – as he’s said, we all have to do everything we can to win on November 3.”

It isn’t surprising that President Obama will campaign with Joe Biden. It’s just that President Obama is past his sell-by date. President Obama got fewer votes in 2012 than he got in 2008. That’s the only time in history that a US president got re-elected with fewer votes than for election.

Obama has participated in several fundraisers on behalf of Biden’s campaign and gave a primetime speech during the Democratic National Convention in which he excoriated President Donald Trump over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and extolled Biden’s leadership.

The former president has yet to travel to any of the traditional battleground states to campaign for Biden, mostly due to the greatly reduced in-person footprint the former vice president’s team has stuck to amid the ongoing pandemic.

The only battleground cities where President Obama might be welcome are Detroit, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Frankly, I’m not certain that he’d be welcome in Pittsburgh. Here’s why:

Compare that with this:

President Trump’s message appealed to voters because he preached the gospel of prosperity and restoration. Entire communities are getting rebuilt in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Industries have gotten rebuilt, starting with the energy industry, followed by manufacturing. Remember this?

I’d nickname President Obama Presidential Trash-Talker. I’d nickname President Trump Presidential Miracle Worker. Joe Biden is hoping that blue collar workers will forget the manufacturing jobs that disappeared during the Obama-Biden administration. I’m betting that won’t happen. If Joe Biden isn’t the recipient of divine intervention, the people will re-elect President Trump to another 4-year term in office.

Barack Obama might move the needle a little bit but he won’t move it in enough states. Democrats need to find a new savior. Right now, they don’t have one. They ran 30 (more-or-less) candidates for president. Sleepy Joe was the best of a terrible bunch.

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  • Rex Newman says:

    Are the wheels coming off the Biden Bus? Obama has stiff-armed Joe all along (as would I), only now jumping in? Pelosi is biting the heads off fellow Democrats. Joe is risking a Town Hall tomorrow night, after a couple of face-palming lapses earlier this week? Kamala has made a cursory appearance at ACB hearing, otherwise disappeared. And the “lids” keep happening, with just three weeks left. I thought Biden – Harris was a 14 point lock?

  • eric z says:

    Obama, so what? Two middle of the road politicians who had a partnership in the past. Obama carried on the Bush legacy, the wars, the domestic policy, Guantanamo, drone strikes, Saudi ties.

    Bernie campaigning for Biden, that is a different matter. A progressive says there really is no choice, as bad as Joe’s policies are – tepid is the best characterization of who he is and where he stands.

    Everybody but a few dithering minds has already decided, or like me, decided and voted. Jason Lewis will lose, weighted down by Trump as if in the ocean with a giant anchor chained to his neck. And that is against Tina Smith, another of the Senate millionaires with portfolio. Tina Smith!

    Graham? McConnell? Graham could lose. Schumer ran a turkey against McConnell, she took the Dem primary, and Mitch will continue in office, doing bad. But Graham could be ousted if a Blue Wave happens.

    Trump and family, back to NYC or Florida, but out of DC for good and in a month, fully forgotten. It will be a Biden landslide, having absolutely nothing to do with any positive qualities Biden has – he has few to none.

    Trump has been that bad. Trump will take several Republicans in the two houses of congress with him, and down ticket his disasterous times and ways will really show up.

    Tina Smith. Remember that. Stauber is the one I’d like to see ousted, but it will not happen. The Dems will take MN1.

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