When Joe Biden tells reporters that he’ll tell voters after the election where he stands on the issue of packing the Supreme Court, what he’s really saying is that he intends to expand the Supreme Court if elected, then nominate legislative-minded justices to the Supreme Court. Democrats don’t want jurists on the SCOTUS. They want legislators in black robes.

Democrats, whether they’re supposedly moderates (think Christopher Coons) or far left nutjobs (think Kamala Harris), intend on gutting the US Constitution by confirming justices whose highest priority is establishing laws that Democrats couldn’t get passed legislatively. With these ‘jurists’, it isn’t about what the legislative language says. With these jurist/legislators, it’s about their policy preferences. But I digress.

As for packing the courts, Biden’s allies have taken to TV to lie about the definition of court packing:

Also on Fox News Sunday, Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, a close Biden ally, said the rushed way in which Republicans are trying to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court prior to the election “constitutes court-packing.”

That isn’t the definition of court packing. This is:

Typically, court-packing refers to expanding a court’s seats, and then confirming judges for those seats.

The term was created in the 1930s when FDR wanted an obedient court. Congress rejected FDR’s initiative. In 1983, then-Sen. Biden understood what court-packing was:

Democrats are pushing the theme that Mitch McConnell isn’t being straight about confirming justices to the Supreme Court. They’re both right and irrelevant. Republicans are defending themselves quite nicely by saying that the Constitution gives a) the president the authority to nominate justices right through his last day in office and b) the Senate the authority to confirm judges even on the last day of their term in office. Now that that’s been established, the public isn’t interested in other arguments.

What people won’t put up with is a secretive candidate. Joe Biden isn’t being straight with the people. Biden thinks that people don’t have the right to know whether he’d pack the court. I don’t think that’ll play well with voters. Voters prefer public servants over imperial rulers. Right now, Biden is acting like royalty. That isn’t a good look for him.

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