The Commission on Presidential Debates, aka CPD, announced that “it is not reconsidering shifting the second debate from virtual back to in-person, despite a request from President Donald Trump’s team.” This is what the Swamp does when the establishment is experiencing difficulty. This election cycle, Joe Biden is the establishment candidate.

Biden lost the first food fight debate, though it wasn’t as decisive as Vice President Pence’s victory Wednesday night against Sen. Harris. The Swamp didn’t let that stand without fighting back. When the Trump campaign asked the CPD for a 4th debate, the CPD rejected that. The CPD said its schedule couldn’t be altered. Hours after Pence’s thumping of Sen. Harris, the CPD changed its schedule.

The CPD didn’t need to change the debate schedule. The Swamp just changed it to make that the headline, instead of letting ‘Pence thumps Harris’ be the dominant headline Thursday morning. The CPD should be disbanded. They’re corrupt through and through.

After the CPD’s announcement that their change was etched in stone, the White House Physician cleared President Trump to resume normal activities. President Trump told FNC’s Sean Hannity that the COVID test will happen sometime Friday. No difficulties are expected. President Trump had his own major announcement today:

Saying that Ronna McDaniel was upset in this interview is understatement:

After watching this interview, I understand why Chairwoman McDaniel was upset:

FARENKOPF: We’ve been around for over 30 years. For 25 of those years, it has been the Commission that has picked the dates, the location, the format and the moderators without any consultation with the campaigns and the candidates. It was created because there was so many problems in the early 80s as to whether debates would ever take place.

The CPD isn’t needed anymore. It might’ve been needed 40 years ago. It isn’t anymore.

These days, the CPD is filled with hardline progressives and Never Trumper Republicans. Steve Scully was scheduled to moderate next week’s debate. That debate is now cancelled. Scully interned for VP Biden in 1978.

Meanwhile, ABC News announced a town hall with Biden on Oct. 15, the original date of the next debate. The town hall will be in Philadelphia, but the time hasn’t been announced.

Let’s see if ABC and George Stephanopoulos pick people hostile to Joe Biden like they did with President Trump. I’m betting the proverbial ranch that this will be another night of softballs for Joe. That’s another tactic that the Swamp deploys. That’s ok. President Trump handled the hostile environment just fine. Biden, had he been subjected to that type of questioning, would’ve started crying on the floor in the fetal position within 5 minutes.

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