According to this Gallup poll, “Americans grew more likely in the past month to consider the coronavirus or COVID-19 to be the nation’s top problem.” Let’s examine that statement, though, because it’s possibly both accurate and misleading. Numerically speaking, it’s likely that more people said COVID than any other option. It’s also possible that the people think that the economy is the most important voting issue. Another possibility is that they think law and order is the most important voting issue.

That’s just a theoretical perspective, though. It’s thoroughly possible that a more meaningful way of looking at things is by looking at things state-by-state. For instance, I’m betting that law and order is the biggest vote driver. Thanks to Boy Toy Frey’s and Gov. Tim Walz’s decision-making, Minneapolis neighborhoods lay in ruin:

In fact, a major point of contention is that the emergency is over and Gov. Walz’s Peacetime Emergency Powers need to be rescinded. To the extent that COVID is an issue, it cuts against DFL candidates.
Then there’s neighboring Wisconsin. It’s been months since COVID has been a concern there. Since Kenosha, law and order is the top issue in Wisconsin. Moving eastward along the Great Lakes, COVID is the biggest issue in Michigan. It also hurts Democrats because the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer overstepped her constitutional authority:

Michigan’s Supreme Court ruled Friday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer lacks the authority to extend or declare states of emergency in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Democratic governor issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency in March and expanded it via another executive order in April. The Republican-controlled legislature passed a resolution to extend the state of emergency, but only until April 30. Whitmer has since issued many more orders related to the pandemic.

Michiganders have been protesting against Gov. Whitmer since the spring. Michiganders are upset that Gov. Whitmer has acted like an autocrat. Frankly, they’re tired of being treated like subjects instead of citizens. Democrats have overstepped their authorities repeatedly. Frankly, Democrats have ripped their democracy mask off and exposed their autocratic true nature.

COVID shouldn’t be the Republicans’ first topic of choice. The economy, school choice and law and order should be the Republicans’ first choices. Still, Republicans shouldn’t be afraid to go toe-to-toe with Democrats on this issue.

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