Collin Peterson is suffering from Tom Daschle Disease. For those too young to remember, Tom Daschle Disease is characterized when you act conservative when you’re ‘back home’ in a red state or district but vote liberal in Washington, DC. Collin Peterson insists that he still represents Minnesota’s Seventh District just like he always has. That isn’t the truth.

Peterson represents a district that President Trump won by 31 points in 2016. In her announcement that she’s running against Peterson, Michelle Fischbach highlighted as fact that Peterson voted against President Trump’s agenda 85% of the time. That isn’t representing Minnesota’s Seventh District. But that’s just the tip of Peterson’s difficulties. This information should be shared with Seventh District voters immediately:

Each Congress, Peterson votes more with Pelosi. It’s understatement to say that Pelosi’s priorities aren’t the Seventh District’s priorities. Peterson is counting on voters giving him credit for being independent-minded:

“He doesn’t back down”? Seriously? Apparently, that’s DC-Speak for ‘He does what Pelosi wants.’ Like someone who’s been in DC 30 years, Peterson has a nasty case of DC-itis, too, which is just as bad as Tom Daschle Disease. The only cure for DC-itis is defeat at the ballot box.

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