This article tells the story of a leader whose followers followed him wherever he went. That leader’s name is President Donald J. Trump and his supporters’ actions aren’t the least bit surprising. In fact, they’re quite predictable.

The article starts by saying “They came from all over the country, determined to help their stricken president recover. Some had homemade signs, others held ‘GET WELL’ balloons and dozens brought bouquets to lay in front of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where President Donald Trump has been combating his own coronavirus infection since Friday.”

If Vice President Biden were forced to tell the truth about this outpouring of affection and appreciation, he’d have to admit that he’s jealous of President Trump’s steadfast, enthusiastic support. Most presidential candidates would pay top dollar (figuratively speaking) for that type of enthusiastic support. Now that President Trump has returned to the White House, one of the Democrats’ chief talking points is worthless.

Democrats insist that President Trump hasn’t taken COVID seriously. They’re lying when they say that and they know that. President Trump is taking some medications that’ve been developed since the start of the pandemic. Regeneron and Remdesivir weren’t available prior to COVID. In fact, they still haven’t received final FDA approval. These therapeutics are different than Operation Warp Speed, which relates to COVID vaccines.

If a vaccine is approved by the FDA before the end of this year, that will be the fastest start-to-finish approval of a vaccine in history — by a couple of years. This isn’t happening by accident. It isn’t happening despite President Trump not paying attention to COVID. It’s happening because President Trump is a) speaking in confident tones and b) making great decisions.

For those looking for soothing tones, they have a candidate. His name is Joe Biden. However, before picking him, realize that you won’t get just soothing tones with him; you’ll also get a terrible decision-maker. Robert Gates said that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

By comparison, President Trump’s decisions, especially on the economy, the Middle East and public safety have been right. Yes, you have to put up with his Twitter feed but I’m willing to sacrifice some annoying things in order to get great decisions on important issues.

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