When ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Nancy Pelosi if she’d consider impeaching President Trump, he stopped just short of gift-wrapping President Trump’s reelection. This morning on Fox & Friends, President Trump responded to this mini-fiasco:

President Trump on Monday claimed he would win the presidential election if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually attempted to use impeachment as an option to block his eventual Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed to the seat vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I don’t think Ms. Pelosi is that stupid. She might threaten impeachment but she doesn’t dare impeaching President Trump.

Likewise, it’s rumored that Ms. Pelosi might shut the government down in an attempt to shut down the confirmation process. Ms. Pelosi might threaten it but President Trump, Sen. McConnell and Leader McCarthy would jump for joy if she actually shut it down. That wouldn’t just guarantee President Trump’s reelection. It would guarantee McCarthy wielding the Speaker’s Gavel starting in 2021 and strengthen the GOP majority in the Senate.

That being said, packing the courts, granting statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, DC and killing the filibuster are definitely on the Democrats’ priority lists. Schumer and AOC definitely tried ramping up the fear with Republicans:

I don’t give a damn about of RBG’s wish. The spot on the SCOTUS bench didn’t belong to RBG. It belongs to the American people. Had Democrats held the Senate when Justice Antonin Scalia passed, there’s no doubt that President Obama would’ve nominated someone to the left of Merrick Garland and Democrats would’ve confirmed that far-left SCOTUS nominee.

Sen. McConnell set the precedent record straight:

We are already hearing incorrect claims that there is not sufficient time to examine and confirm a nominee. We can debunk this myth in about 30 seconds. As of today, there are 43 days until November 3rd and 104 days until the end of this Congress. The late, iconic Justice John Paul Stevens was confirmed by the Senate 19 days after this body formally received his nomination. Nineteen days from start to finish.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, another iconic jurist, was confirmed 33 days after her nomination. For the late Justice Ginsburg herself, it was just 42 days. Justice Stevens’ entire confirmation process could have played out twice between now and November 3rd, with time to spare. And Justice Ginsburg herself could have been confirmed twice between now and the end of the year, with time to spare. The Senate has more than sufficient time to process a nomination.

Here’s the video of Sen. McConnell’s speech:

Senate Republicans need to ignore the Democrats’ threats. They need to confirm the highly qualified woman jurist to the Supreme Court ASAP. Finally, it’s important to differentiate between RBG’s extraordinary legal career from her time on the bench. As a jurist, she was an activist more than a jurist. President Trump needs to reject activists.

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