Last night, BLM ripped the mask off (again) and showed who they are. BLM showed that they are domestic terrorists when around “100 protesters took part in the rowdy, two-borough rally, first marching from The Bronx into Manhattan on the Cross Bronx Expressway.” It ended with six Black Lives Matter protesters getting “arrested outside of the 34th Precinct in Washington Heights on Saturday night after earlier marching onto the George Washington Bridge and briefly stalling traffic.”

The mask is off. BLM activists aren’t protesters. They’re rioters. Whether they’re Antifa or BLM activists or another anarchist organization, this thread of tweets exposes these left-leaning terrorists as hating America and willing to destroy America to achieve political power.

It’s apparent that these riots aren’t about George Floyd or civil rights. This isn’t about empowering minorities, either. It’s about manipulating minorities so that they’ll look past the Democrats’ ongoing list of failures. BLM is just a different type of plantation. Instead of Confederates selling off family members, today’s Democrats tell African-Americans that government can do what fathers used to do. Instead of the KKK terrorizing African-Americans, BLM, with the enthusiastic help of the Propaganda Media, pounds into African-Americans that Republicans are racists, that Republicans don’t want African-Americans to succeed.

When’s the last time that a BLM ‘leader’ pushed for school choice, strong nuclear families and respect for one another? When did BLM speak out against black-on-black crime? Or against schools where African-American students are essentially illiterate? If implemented, these things would substantially improve black lives. Better yet, they’d likely improve black lives quickly.

This begs the question why the billionaire owners of the NFL would jump into bed with BLM. These aren’t stupid people. Stupid people don’t become billionaires. This might help explain some things:

A new group of visionaries are needed. We don’t need more Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and other race-baiters. What’s needed are more people like Tim Scott, Candace Owens, Kim Klacik, Jack Brewer and Harris Faulkner. These are men and women of moral clarity, personal integrity and vision.

The Bible says “Without a vision, the people perish.” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton aren’t visionaries. It’s time for Jackson and Sharpton to retire. It’s time, too, for the NFL and the NBA to stop talking about having a conversation on race just for the sake of having a conversation.

BLM protesters are fine with endless conversations. So are Democrats. It’s time to put together a plan with achievable benchmarks and deadlines to accomplish those items. In other words, it’s essential for talk, followed by action.

Let’s see rich NFL players establish foundations that fund opportunity scholarship programs. Those foundations should be in place by the NFL draft. Once that step happen, the rest of things will fall into place with proper diligence.

2 Responses to “NFL in bed with BLM thugs”

  • eric z says:

    I agree with one of your sentences Gary, “A new group of visionaries are needed.” (never mind singular/plural quibbling)

    I disagree with the sense in which you intended and embedded the sentence, but the sentence itself, true.

    Both parties need to reform. Cruz? Schumer?

    Neither is best and brightest. Each is a political hack.

    Trump and Biden? No visionary, top or second spot of either ticket. Since Franklin Roosevelt things have been downhill, and Roosevelt’s brag is he saved capitalism.

    So the question: Great again? Relating back to when? Great is an empty vessel unless filled with a context. Great, as thing were before the Civil War? What does Orange Man mean?

    A host of groupies buy and wear caps, never thinking to ask, “When was that time you have in mind, Orange Man?”

  • Chad Q says:

    Typical lefty talking point of Trump wanting to go back to pre-civil war days.

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