Dan Wolgamott is running for re-election in HD-14B. The fact that he got elected in the first place is something of a miracle as he’s mostly a DFL tool. A digital ad running for Wolgamott says that he’ll fight to for us to keep our health care. (Because it’s a digital ad, I can’t embed it here.)

Be that as it may, I’m betting that most voters couldn’t care less about the issue. Higher on their priority list are whether the DFL will vote to strip Tim Walz of his Peacetime Emergency Powers. Another high priority for voters is opening up schools, followed by opening up restaurants. Thus far, Mr. Wolgamott has voted each time to keep Gov. Walz’s Peacetime Emergency Powers intact, which means he hasn’t had to vote on whether to open schools or restaurants.

That means that Wolgamott is a DFL shill. He represents Tim Walz, the DFL, Education Minnesota and HD-14B in that order. In fact, it’s questionable whether Wolgamott represents HD-14B. Proof of that is scarce.

UPDATE: Dan Wolgamott has blocked me, his constituent, on Twitter:

I did a search for Wolgamott’s Twitter ID using these search terms: dan wolgamott twitter That must be his legislative Twitter ID because a) I found another Twitter ID for him. That ID is @DanForMN and b) the Twitter ID that I’m blocked from seeing is @RepWolgamott.

This infuriates me more than a little. @RepWolgamott is Dan Wolgamott’s legislative ID. Why can’t I see my representative’s tweets that pertain to his work in the legislature? Is it because he’s also using his legislative Twitter ID for his campaign? If that’s happening, that’s illegal. Politicians can’t use government resources for their campaigns. (The first time I became aware of that was when then-Attorney General Mike Hatch used official Attorney General stationery to send out a fundraising appeal in 2006. That bright line still exists.)

This isn’t surprising. It’s just additional proof that Wolgamott is a tool for the DFL. One last thing on Wolgamott’s Twitter ID: when he ran for his current House seat in 2018, his campaign Twitter ID was @Wolgie. That Twitter ID is nowhere to be found.

Final question: what’s Wolgamott hiding?

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  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    Wolgamott is a rather typical DFL candidate. He wants to be elected so bad that he shops around for an open seat – anywhere is sufficient. Then when he finds one, he enters the race. He got lucky in 2018.

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