Democrats proposing a massive overhaul of the federal election system a week before early voting starts apparently don’t care about election integrity. For that reason alone, universal mail-out ballot systems should be scrapped permanently. Townhall editor Katie Pavlich highlighted the rampant fraud happening across the nation, saying “the left has been ignoring the fact that there are multiple cases of voter fraud that we’ve seen over years in a number of elections. They’re ignoring and burying their head in the sand with the most recent primary election in New York with Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who’s the House Oversight Committee chairwoman, so I don’t think there’s much concern.”

Our voting system was the world’s gold standard literally for 2 centuries. Then Democrats started pushing voting ‘reform’ measures. Yesterday’s peaceful transfer of power, which was the world’s envy, is turning into today’s chaotic, lawyer-filled transfer of power. This isn’t unintentional. I’ve been blogging long enough to remember George Soros’s Secretary of State Project:

Among its founding members and donators were billionaire George Soros, Peter B. Lewis, Susie Tompkins Buell, trial lawyer Guy Saperstein, trial lawyer Fred Baron, movie director Rob Reiner, Norman Lear, Drummond Pike, Rob McKay, Rutt Bridges, Patricia Stryker, Rob Glaser, Rob Johnson, Anne Bartley, Jonathan Heller, Charles Rodgers, Gail Furman, Davidi Gilo, Rachel Pritzker Hunter and the Service Employees International Union.

Financially well off individuals who were approached about donating to the Democracy Alliance-endorsed think tanks and political advocacy groups were required to make an initial pledge of $200,000 per year for five years. Recipients of these donations were sworn to secrecy not to disclose from whom these donations came from, or how much. Progressive political organizations that were known to have received financial assistance from the Democracy Alliance include ACORN, Media Matters for America, EMILY’s List, and the Center for American Progress, among others.

George Soros makes his money by destabilizing nations. He’s the ultimate globalist. But I digress. Back to Katie Pavlich’s comments on voter fraud:

Pavlich added that “the media has been covering for Democrats who say that voter fraud just doesn’t exist, that mass mail-in voting is just fine despite whether states have cleaned up voter rolls and that they are sending ballots to eligible voters, people who are still living, and people who aren’t getting two ballots or ballots from people who previously lived at certain addresses.”

Let’s be exceptionally clear about this. What’s needed for optimal election integrity without sacrificing ease of voting is a 2-week no-excuse-required voting period, a vote-by-mail system for people living in long-term-care facilities and, as the cornerstone, in-person voting at the person’s precinct. Pay attention to videos like this:

This is all you need to know that the potential for voter fraud exists:

Judicial Watch filed suit for the Maryland voter list data after uncovering that there were more registered voters in Montgomery County than citizens over the age of 18 who could legally register (Judicial Watch vs. Linda H. Lamone, et al. (No. 1:17-cv-02006)).

Ruling in Judicial Watch’s favor, Judge Hollander said:

Judicial Watch need not demonstrate its need for birth date information in order to facilitate its effort to ensure that the voter rolls are properly maintained. Nevertheless, it has put forward reasonable justifications for requiring birth date information, including using birth dates to find duplicate registrations and searching for voters who remain on the rolls despite “improbable” age.

Montgomery County, Maryland isn’t the only county with more registered voters than there are citizens who are eligible to vote. Check this out:

The basis for McEnany’s claims is a 2017 lawsuit brought by activism group Judicial Watch, which stated that Los Angeles County and 10 other counties in California had more registered voters than eligible adults. Contrary to what the Washington Post headline stated, Los Angeles County did have more registered voters than eligible adults.

A political party that’s willing to do anything accumulate or increase power, including through threats and intimidation, is willing to steal ballots, then fill them out to win elections. Just because people haven’t found proof doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. When Mark Ritchie was Minnesota’s Secretary of State, he’d say that he hadn’t found proof of voter fraud. At that time, I coined the phrase that “It’s impossible to find what you refuse to look for.” That phrase is as true today as it was then.

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