Yesterday, Joe Biden had difficulty reading a prepared speech off a teleprompter:

What was Biden trying to say? I literally can’t decipher him. When he squints, it’s when he couldn’t read off the teleprompter. That was bad. This is frightening:

“Covid has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years, look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, it’s ju-, I mean, you think about it.”

If Biden went to Kenosha, he’d have to answer unscripted questions. That’s the Democrats’ worst nightmare:

His staffers got him out of that Pittsburgh setting fast so he didn’t have to answer questions. How could he handle the responsibilities of being president? I don’t think he could.

4 Responses to “Prediction: Joe Biden won’t visit Kenosha”

  • eric z says:

    Is it a campaign like Kerry waged against Bush? Biden could hardly be worse as a president than Trump, but Trump’s buster is better to a certain cut of the population. Biden and Harris are stable while Trump is not, and Pence is a boring ideologue without much attractiveness.

    It will come down to turnout and Biden has done and offers nothing for progressives. Yet he anticipates their vote. Progressives are not energized by Joe Biden. He amounts to Trump, but without the instability.

    The thought among party bosses seems to be that progressives can be written off, (have to be to keep donor cash-flow since Biden’s promised nothing will fundamentally change), so the Dem inner party types have committed to depending upon minority registration and GOTV plus disgruntled 2016 Trump voters, hoping that will be enough.

    Progressives and the young are left out of the tent aside from lip service. And Republicans offer them less, so that those voting will be doing the same ol’ lesser evil bit.

    Has anyone any sound predictive data on turnout, given the pandemic and mail-in voting? I have not seen any good tea leaf readings online.

  • John Helgeson says:

    The speech was delivered in an empty warehouse to several camera crews. About 50 people outside the warehouse. “Dynamic” campaign event!

  • Gary Gross says:

    Biden would be significantly worse than President Trump. If you want to argue that President Trump’s policies are bad, then explain why wages for people who don’t have college degrees were going up faster than white collar wages under Trump. Next, explain why you’d oppose shrinking income inequality. That’s what was happening. Deal with it.

    After that, explain why achieving the lowest unemployment rates for African-Americans in US history is negative. Then explain achieving the lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics in history is negative.

    This election won’t be close like the ‘experts’ are predicting. Trump’s voters would walk slowly over hot coals to vote for him.

  • eric z says:

    Thanks, Gary and John. It will be interesting to see how each SD in Minnesota trends in the 2020 election. Do either of you see a young voter turnout, and if so, do you argue it would help and not hurt Trump?

    My guess: Young and progressives, with a big overlap there, may be disenchanted with Biden and the lock-’em-up prosecutor. She’s made some late transitions, but it is Biden’s ticket and Biden is still Republican-lite.

    He’s been that his entire career. What is interesting, Anita Hill’s name seems to have gotten sucked into a black hole. She’s not getting mentioned. Similarly, Mary Trump seems to have gotten no traction.

    Lincoln Project is using Michael Cohen in one spot ad. That seems strange. He seems to have an ax to grind against Trump. Stone got a pardon, Cohen has a book to promote.

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