This SC Times article highlights how Norm Coleman is paying attention to what’s actually happening in Iraq while Amy Klobuchar just spews the most incoherent Democratic talking points imaginable. Here’s what Sen. Coleman is quoted as saying:

“I strongly believe we need to transition the mission of our forces in Iraq into a supporting role” Coleman said. “But I don’t believe we can delay funding for our troops on the ground any longer. Time has run out, and the president has indicated that he will veto a troop funding bill with 30 pages of prescriptive policy provisions.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Klobuchar is quoted as saying this:

“America needs a change of course in Iraq,” Klobuchar said. The measure “continued an open-ended commitment with no clear transition to Iraqi authority,” she said. “My priority is to transition to Iraq authority by beginning to bring our troops home in a responsible way.”

That last quote sounded awfully familiar so I did some digging into it. Here’s what I found:

Since April, I have been asking the President to give the nation a clear plan to bring our troops home safely. As with any effective plan, there should be a realistic time-frame based on specific milestones and benchmarks, with honest and current information from the administration about the status of our efforts, the training of the Iraqi forces, and the restoration of basic services to Iraq.

That’s what Ms. Klobuchar said on her campaign website 2 years ago. You’d think that she’d at least refresh her information so it’s current. You’d think that but that doesn’t make it so:

The US commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, yesterday held out the surprise prospect of further American troop withdrawals in the autumn. Petraeus’s revised estimate, disclosed at a Congressional hearing yesterday, came only a month after he recommended to President George Bush a halt in withdrawals after the summer.

Congressional members welcomed the u-turn. The Democratic senator Carl Levin, chairman of the armed forces committee, called the four-star general’s announcement “good news to most of us”.

Petraeus told the Senate armed services committee: “My sense is I will be able to make a recommendation at that time for further reductions.” He added he did not want to imply that that would mean pulling out a particular brigade or unit.

There are about 154,000 US troops in Iraq. An extra 30,000 troops sent last year to help quell violence in Baghdad and central and northern Iraq are due to leave by the end of July, leaving 133,000 in place. Petraeus said yesterday he would aim to announce another troop pullout in September before leaving Iraq to take over US central command.

Had Ms. Klobuchar bothered to pay attention over the last year, she would’ve noticed that the US military changed course. Had Ms. Klobuchar bothered paying attention to Gen. Petraeus’ testimony, she would’ve noticed that we’re on the verge of bringing our troops home “in a responsible way.” She also might’ve noticed that we’re bringing them home after (a) achieving a massive reduction in violence in Iraq, (b) meeting most of the 18 benchmarks, (c) reducing AQI’s influence in Anbar and Diyala provinces to almost nothing, (d) started the process of provincial elections and (e) decimating Muqtada al-Sadr’s militias.

That’s the difference between a thinking legislator like Sen. Coleman and a puppet like Sen. Klobuchar. Sen. Coleman does his own thinking; Ms. Klobuchar spouts the poll-tested lines right on cue.

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4 Responses to “Out-Of-Step Amy”

  • Walter hanson says:

    come on Gary this is the lady who blindly signed Harry Reid’s letter asking Rush Limbaugh him to be punished for allegldly calling our troops “Phony soliders” and not matching the contribution like Rush suggested all the signers of that letter do that him and a bidder of the letter did for a fund that gives aid to famlies of soldiers. If the 40 plus signers had done that the fund will have another 80 million dollars.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Silly me. I just think that people should have a clue, especially if they’re elected officials. I apologize for having that standard.

    Walter, Please know that that was said with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  • Kevin from Minneapolis says:

    Great post. Unfortunately, far too few people saw the article the same way you did.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Kevin from Minneapolis, I agree that too few people think like me but that’s ok. It’s my responsibility as an activist to change their minds.

    PS- I don’t mind having others persuade their neighbors, co-workers & friends in a calm, cool & collected manner. The rule of that game is that there’s always room for more persuasive activists.

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