Think of where we’d be right now if citizen journalists like Andy Ngo, Richie McGinniss, Kyle Hooten and Julio Rosas weren’t reporting from Portland, Kenosha, Minneapolis and everywhere, respectively. These young men have provided important information into the riots in those cities. They’ve broken news that CNN and MSDNC have ignored.

Conservatives have criticized the MSM. The MSM deserves the criticism but criticism alone isn’t a solution. Financially supporting these citizen journalists is a solution. This afternoon, I’ve decided that I’ll be supporting at least one of these gentlemen, though I haven’t decided which one. When they’re all good, it’s up to a coin flip. This is a little of Richie McGinnis’ work:

Since the MSM isn’t accurately reporting on these events because they’re corrupted by their unflinching devotion to Democrats, there’s a vacuum for this type of reporting. Nature isn’t the only thing that abhors a vacuum. Free markets also hate them. In this instance, citizen journalists are filling the vacuum. Thank God for that. If these heroes didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have this important information.

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