The Democrats’ latest spin is that President Trump is to blame for the violence in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Chicago. During his interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Biden said “He views this as a political benefit to him, you know. He’s rooting for more violence, not less, and it’s clear about that. And what’s he doing, he’s kept pouring gasoline on the fire.”

Fighting violence in cities is the cities’ responsibilities. That isn’t President Trump’s primary responsibility. His responsibility is to prevent federal crimes. When rioting erupts in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Kenosha, that’s those cities’ responsibilities, not President Trump’s.

Joe Biden insists that he’ll fact-check President live during their debates. During this interview, Joe Biden told some whoppers, starting with him saying that President Trump is “rooting for more violence, not less.” Joe Biden’s nose is growing. This article contradicts Joe Biden’s whopper:

“I’m suggesting to some of these governors that are too proud … ‘Don’t be proud. Get the job done. You’ll end up doing much better in the end, calling the National Guard. Call me,'” Trump said in remarks at the White House Rose Garden. “You have to dominate the streets. You can’t let what’s happening, happen,” he added.

President Trump has consistently pushed for stopping the rioting. President Trump has consistently told the press that he’s contacted the various governors and offered them help. That’s indisputable fact. If Biden says that it can’t be disputed that President Trump is “rooting for more violence, not less”, my first statement would be that it’s totally disputable. Check this out:

Then check this out:

Vice President Biden is a liar. President Trump has consistently and repeatedly pushed for stopping the violence in this nation’s biggest cities. Vice President Biden, by comparison, didn’t speak out on the issue for 3 months!

PS- During the debates, I’m betting that the MSM won’t fact-check Vice President Biden’s whoppers. They’re as disgraceful as Biden.

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