Last night’s GOP Convention featured rising star Daniel Cameron, Kentucky’s Attorney General, and Ryan Holets, a police officer and “father of five who, together with his wife, adopted the daughter of a drug user living on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico.” It featured President Trump pardoning “Jon Ponder, who was arrested” and “went to prison for bank robbery; after his release, he became the founder and CEO of Hope for Prisoners, which helps ex-convicts reenter civilian life.”

Last week’s Democrat Convention featured has-beens like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton. The Democrats’ rising stars are mostly radicals who fit into the mainstream of the Democrat Party but are far outside the mainstream of American politics. Maine lobsterman Jason Joyce “spoke in support of Trump’s trade and fisheries policies.” Cris Peterson spoke “in support of Trump’s trade policies that favor American dairy exports.” DFL Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevic praised “Trump’s steel tariffs”:

Last week, speaker after speaker spoke about what a nice guy Joe Biden is. What they omitted is that he’s been wrong on policy after policy. Vlaisavljevic said that Biden has been in DC for 47 years before asking “why would year 48 be any different?” Getting thing after thing wrong isn’t just something that Joe Biden is famous for. It’s who he is.

President Trump has made mistakes with the China Virus. Nobody would’ve gotten every decision right. When it comes to the economy and trade, though, President Trump got everything right. Literally for decades, Joe Biden got those things wrong. To answer Mayor Vlaisavljevic, there’s nothing in Biden’s record to think that year 48 will be better than the first 47.

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  • Chad Q says:

    You say Trump has gotten some thing wrong with the China virus. What are those things and isn’t it really Fauci, Brix, and the CDC that got it wrong as he was only following their directions? Had he done a complete lockdown as Biden has suggested he would do if elected (god help us), he would have been pilloried and called a tyrant. He floated the idea of state border checkpoints and Cuomo went nuts but now the Cuomo is doing it himself. The left lost their minds with the flights being banned then a month later turned around and said he should have done it sooner. Pelosi was telling people to party in China Town and is now lambasting him for not shutting things down. The guy can’t win in the eyes of the MSM and progressives and wouldn’t have won no matter what he did, right or wrong.

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