Kim Klacik’s viral video has paid off bigtime. According to this article, Ms. Klacik will speak at the Republican National Convention Monday night:

Kim Klacik, the Republican running for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, will speak during the first night of the Republican National Convention, according to a Trump campaign announcement Sunday. Klacik has sparked national attention several times, including when she documented Baltimore blight last summer, causing President Trump to call the city “rat-infested” and blaming then-Congressman Elijah Cummings.

If you haven’t seen Ms. Klacik’s video, then you’ve either been comatose or you just landed here from another planet. This explains why I’d say that:

Her new ad for her congressional race went viral recently as well, seen and shared by hundreds of thousands of people.

This weekend, she appeared as a guest on Gov. Mike Huckabee’s show:

Then there’s this:

The Monday night schedule isn’t star-studded in the way that Democrats did their convention. Instead, Republicans are featuring real people who’ve benefited from President Trump’s policies. I’ll just say that people should have some tissues handy for Monday night.

2 Responses to “Klacik added to Monday night schedule”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Of the names I recognize, at least four are persons of color. Bye-bye, racist Trump narrative.

  • eric z says:

    Huckabee has a TV show? What channel? What time slot?

    Also, which day does Melania Trump speak? She seems to be one having something to say less predictable than others. Also, Trump himself is, from what I read, intending to put himself into prime time slots each day, yes/no? You don’t list him.

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