BLM: Black Lies Movement
By Ramblin’ Rose

Yes, LIES.

Words carry meaning. Assuredly, black lives matter, but so do the lives of all other races—from conception to natural death. But the BLM movement has little, if anything, to do with race. It is a leftist push to divide the country and to forge ahead with the destruction of Christian doctrines and values. Sadly, many professing-Christians have joined their ranks.

The Bible declares in Genesis that God is the Creator of all life! The Bible declares in Genesis that God created males and females and defined His expectations for “marriage” and provided His definition of “family.” The Word of God repeatedly states that any other sexual orientations are an abomination. Those are the pillars that the founders of the movement want to attack and upon which they build their lies.

In 2013, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi co-founded the BLM movement. Two of the three self-identify as “queer” (outside the heterosexual norms of Christianity). Cullors and Garza proudly champion their identity as “trained Marxists.” Those parameters have nothing to do with race.

Many from all ethnicities champion the presence of a “father” in the nuclear family to provide stability and guidance for the next generation. Data from the Census Bureau in December, 2016, point to the demise of the nuclear family. In 1960, 88% of youth 18 years of age and younger lived with both parents. In 2016, that number had declined to 69%. For blacks, it was only 38.7%. The nuclear family is disappearing. Might that be influenced by lies from atheists and leftists?

Compare the tenets from the LGBTQ agenda—

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure… foster a queer?affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking.”

and those from BLM—

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

While a few words differ, the goal is the same. These splinter groups, now trying to become the dominant forces in Society, need to destroy the family unit designed by God in order to impose their views as the “norm.”

Christians should promote social justice, but this organization (and similar groups of devastation, destruction and hatred of God and this country) do not promote the betterment of persons based upon race, rather on the advancement of their devilish agenda.

Marx clearly stated his plan. In 1849, Marx wrote, “When our turn comes, we shall make no excuses for the terror. There is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.”

The fallout will destroy modern life, but the consequences are eternal.

If Christians make the choice to embrace these groups, they make a choice with a damnable destiny.

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  • eric z says:

    Gary, some people do regard the bible as fiction. And unimportant. You post as if they do not exist. Arguing from what are not universally accepted premises is a danger.

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