This WFB editorial perfectly highlights the Democrats’ situational belief that black lives matter. Democrats didn’t hesitate in partnering with Black Lives Matter, the organization. Democrats have been thoroughly reluctant to make the statement that ‘all black lives matter’.

The WFB editorial starts with “LeGend Taliferro was asleep in his Kansas City, Mo., home in late June when a gunman opened fire from the street outside his window, shooting him dead. He was four years old, one of the many black boys and girls killed in the past three months. Victims were front and center at the Democratic National Convention: of police brutality, of climate change, and of every other -ism. And while virtually every speaker said that “black lives matter,” not a single moment at the Democratic convention was dedicated to the dozens murdered this summer in America’s Democrat-led cities.”

Why can’t Democrats say that all black lives matter? Is it because they’re only aligning themselves with the BLM political organization? If that’s their sole consideration, then that’s a sad verdict on their party. I don’t believe that most Democrats think that. However, I think that the vast majority of Democrat politicians think that way.

Remember when we saw the horrific video of Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd’s neck? People of all political parties united to express our repulsion with Officer Chauvin’s actions and rightfully so. Within 2 weeks, though, that unity was shattered by Senate Democrats when they voted against Tim Scott’s bill.

They didn’t vote against final passage. They voted against even starting the debate on Sen. Scott’s bill. Think of that. Democrat politicians won’t say that all black lives matter. Democrat politicians won’t even start debate on a police reform bill. How do those actions improve the lives of minorities? Muriel Bowser spoke about racial injustice but it was selective.

She spoke at the Democrats’ convention about George Floyd but she didn’t say a thing about Secoriea Turner of Atlanta. At the Democrats’ convention, Mayor Bowswer didn’t speak about Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Jr. of Seattle. Don’t their lives matter too? Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Sr. got a call from President Trump. He hasn’t gotten a call from Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

When Democratic governors call federal law enforcement an “occupying force,” and when Biden’s criminal justice platform says more about investigating police forces than keeping crime down, voters should be afraid. They should be afraid for themselves and their families. But they should also be afraid for the young black men in Chicago and Baltimore and Kansas City for whom the chance of being murdered is 30 to 40 times higher than the national average.

The Democrats’ concern for African-Americans would be convincing if it wasn’t situational. Mostly, it’s purely for partisan purposes. Rather than seeing people, Democrats see a voting bloc.

Democrats should try being Americans first, politicians after that.

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