The expectations for the Democratic National Convention weren’t high considering who their primetime speakers were. Still, they managed to not meet expectations. Most importantly, the Democratic National Convention didn’t do what Democrats needed it to do. Next week, Democrats will yield the stage to Republicans, who will hold their quadrennial convention.

Expectations are higher because the speakers’ talent is higher. According to this article, the speakers will be “former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Senators Tim Scott and Joni Ernst, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.”

The article continues, saying “Other speakers will include Nick Sandmann, who sued several media outlets for libel over the portrayal of his role in a confrontation with a Native American group on the National Mall in 2019 when he was a high school student, and Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a Missouri couple who face charges from a local prosecutor after brandishing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters marching in their neighborhood last month.”

Each night will also feature “a speaker who lived under socialism.”

Then there’s this:

Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence was commuted by Trump following intervention by Kim Kardashian West, has confirmed that she will speak. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will deliver taped remarks. A previous report suggested he would skip the convention, but his campaign said that was a “miscommunication.” While Jared Kushner was not originally scheduled to speak alongside Trump’s adult children, CNN reports that “it’s now under consideration.”

This sounds interesting. At least, the RNC won’t feature one past-their-prime politician after another. It’s great that the primetime speeches will be live. I hope that Kim Klacik speaks at the convention, too, even if it’s just to introduce Tim Scott or Alice-Marie Johnson.

I’m betting that Alice-Marie Johnson will highlight the First Step Act, which President Trump signed into law in December, 2018. The First Step Act is fixing some of the injustices created by the 1994 Crime Bill that then-Sen. Joe Biden co-authored. Biden is now the Democrats’ presidential nominee. I’m betting that Nick Sandman will talk about the media mob. I’m betting that the McCloskeys will highlight Soros prosecutor Kim Gardner’s unjust prosecution of them for defending themselves.

This will be a livelier convention than the DNC. That isn’t exactly difficult to accomplish.

2 Responses to “Will RNC perform better than DNC?”

  • eric z says:

    Will Bannon have a role? He’ll be out on bail.

    That Wall. Gotta build it, private initiative if DC GOP does not deliver? How did those guys find one another, who’s the Chinese yacht owner, and what’s his role and/or share of crowdsourced money?

    Seriously, Gary, Who cares? Everybody already knows how he/she will vote, and with early voting to become the norm, citizens risking pandemic face-to-face polling place attendance will be less a factor than early voting.

    What it looks like to me is the hate ads, both ways, will heat up earlier because of early voting. Ramping up already. It seems so already with some of the Lincoln Project stuff being as mean or meaner than any other. Do you or any reader know whose money is backing the LP folks? Bloomberg? Comcast people? A Wall Street spectrum? Or California and other military contracting firms?

    Biden sure seems to be promising war with Iran by using Powell and then the LP ads – one featuring Mattis. Mongering war – or I am missing the Biden message? He was really hot back after 9/11 to mess with Iraq, along with Bush, and then during his VP time Libya, Syria.

    Jimmy Dore tearing into that thought is online on YouTube. A websearch = jimmy dore biden powell youtube, and setting it “past week” — that will get reporting about Dore or the actual video.

    Trump’s approach seems more measured and less belligerent, yes/no?

  • Gary Gross says:

    The MSM has intentionally done a terrible job reporting on the wall. It’s two-thirds finished but you wouldn’t know if by CNN’s ‘reporting’.

    Democrats are on the wrong side of the 3 biggest issues — the economy, law & order & school choice. Coronavirus is an issue but it isn’t the issue.

    As for LP, I’m betting it’s many of the corporatists that support both parties. Bloomberg is likely one of the bankrollers. Ditto with Soros, Jeff Bezos & Tom Steyer.

    Biden is promising to rejoin the disastrous JCPOA. Biden is an idiot. He’ll be quickly rejected.

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