To: Iron Range DFL
From: Gary Gross, uppity peasant, patriot & 2A advocate
Subject: Guilt by party affiliation

The blue collar workers that populate the Iron Range DFL have a question that can’t be avoided anymore. In the past, it wasn’t that difficult to justify staying affiliated with the metro DFL. They didn’t like mining, you said, but they tossed the Iron Range DFL delegation a few scraps at the end of the session each year. It’s true that the Metrocrats hated the Second Amendment but they weren’t fanatics about it.

The thinking was that, for the most part, the Metro DFL supported the police. Those rationalizations have disappeared entirely. While there’s still some common sense still found in the Iron Range DFL, that can’t be said of Metro DFL. The Metro DFL is largely represented by people like John Thompson. “John Thompson is running for Minnesota State House District 67A.” This is John Thompson in action:

The lunatic in that video doesn’t resemble the man in this video:

They’re both the same guy. The man in the second video is the fake face of a man who will say anything to win a seat in the Minnesota House. The man in the first video is the real face of the man. The point is that the lunatic that was unleashed in the first tape belongs to the same DFL that the Iron Range DFL belong to.

The Iron Range DFL needs to make a decision fast. When Erik Simonson got thrashed in his SD-7 DFL primary, he didn’t just lose every precinct in his district. He was told by the lunatic fringe of the DFL that blue collar workers weren’t welcome in the DFL anymore.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether you’re ok being treated like dirt by the Metro DFL simply because you want to make living and provide for your family. The Metro DFL have made it exceptionally clear that they have a problem with you making a living. Isn’t it time you flipped the Metro DFL the bird and told them to eff off and die?

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