Anyone that thinks that the Democrats didn’t misplay the relief negotiations is kidding themselves. I’ll stipulate that using executive orders to get what he wanted isn’t exactly the method I’d prefer. I’d prefer using the system to get things done. When Pelosi’s and Schumer’s Democrats insist on holding the people hostage on unemployment and eviction relief, which is what they tried, then I’m perfectly fine with President Trump handing them their arses.

Yesterday on The Five, Dagen McDowell broke out the whipping stick to paddle Ms. Pelosi’s butt. Dagen said “President Trump really found a sweet spot for what the economy and the American people need right now. They do need extra money. People who can’t go back to work need extra money in unemployment benefits. The $600 went away. Many argued that was too generous. It was an incentive to stay home. They were getting more on unemployment than they would be if they were back on the job. … The President has the Democrats in a vice-grip. Either the Democrats have to give in to what Republicans want or they’re gonna fight the President on giving people money, people who need that money. I’ve been a financial journalist for about a quarter of a century and, in technical terms, what we witnessed over the weekend were some folks getting their asses handed to them.”

That’s exactly right. This hasn’t been a great year for Nancy Pelosi. She tried pushing Mitch McConnell around on rules for the sham impeachment trial. McConnell told her that he didn’t care if she didn’t send the articles of impeachment over. He didn’t want them anyway. After COVID hit, Pelosi delayed the passage of the CARES Act while negotiating for Democrat Wish List items. She’s done that now 3 times. Each time, President Trump got the better of the negotiations. Now, she’s back for another attempt.

Pelosi keeps getting her arse handed to her because she’s constantly trying to throw extra wish list junk into these relief bills that has nothing to do with providing relief to people. By doing that, Pelosi looks like a hyper-partisan loser who puts partisanship ahead of the people. That’s the fast track to defeat.

I think that this is a turning point in the campaign. President Trump looks compassionate. Democrats look like partisans. That isn’t the image that Democrats want heading into the final stretch of the campaign.

I’ll have more on that front later today. This isn’t the position Democrats want to be in.

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  • eric z says:

    Gary, do you read Portland as more help or more hurt for Trump? With independents, vs the base?

    The executive order stunt is young. See how many governors go with it, and in which states. It might help Trump but not Republican Senators or House members up for reelection this cycle. We will only know after the votes are counted, but is trump standing on one of the painted ponies going up and down while stretching for the gold ring, to get another carousel ride?

    Do you foresee GOP gains in either or both legislative houses in Minnesota? Do you foresee Trump winning Minnesota with GOP GOTV?

    Is there any crystal ball you’ve got packed away for such thoughts? Will climate and BLM be factors, or Covid handling at the federal level?

    Accountability handoff attempts, to States, is a tactic, but is it strategic or seen as disingenuous for an executive order firestormer to then say, this or that’s for governors but I get Homeland Security suited up and moving?

    My guess is turnout will control. GOP GOTV has been consistent — Dem Party, less so. Biden is playing cozy-quiet and that failed with Kerry trying it. Will Never Trump grow legs beyond its current stretch? If so, in which states do you see it playing a larger role? Do you at this point see Bloomberg as a factor, or was he just a Biden stalking horse?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Portland is definitely a plus for Trump. Ditto with Seattle & Chicago. The primary function of gov’t. is to protect people. Those cities have failed miserably.

    The EO “stunt” as you put it is a definite net + for Republicans. They put legislation together that Democrats rejected. The Republicans’ legislation wouldn’t have bailed out the cities & states that’ve implemented socialist policies that’ve strangled their economies. That’s on the Democrats.

    Do you foresee GOP gains in either or both legislative houses in Minnesota? Do you foresee Trump winning Minnesota with GOP GOTV?

    I’m predicting that the GOP holds onto the Senate majority & flipping the House. I still think it’s an uphill fight for Trump but it’s still possible. Walz is a net drag on the DFL ticket, in my estimation.

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