I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that the violence hasn’t stopped in Portland even though the federal officers that were supposedly the catalyst of the violence have left. Weak municipal leadership, not federal law enforcement officers, is the reason for Portland’s violence. It’s understatement to say that re-imagining law enforcement isn’t working.

Remember the MSM insisting that the rioters (my words, not the MSM’s) were confined to a small area, aka the Mark O. Hadfield Federal Courthouse? That myth has been exposed as BS, thanks in large part to Andy Ngo’s reporting. In one of Andy’s reports from war-torn Portland, he said that “Antifa rioters have started a street fire in north Portland (far from the federal courthouse). There are no police outside. The busy street is entirely shut down again.”

What will the MSM say about this?

This isn’t about George Floyd or black lives. It’s about spreading anarchy. It’s about terrorizing citizens. If Portland had a leader, they’d end this rioting. Unfortunately, they’ve got Ted Wheeler instead.

It’s a bit much to say that the entire nation will turn into copies of Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle if Democrats retake the White House but not by much. Ted Wheeler and Boy Mayor Jacob Frey are virtually identical copies of progressive wimps. They aren’t leaders, nor are their governors.

The rioting in Portland hasn’t stopped because Ted Wheeler isn’t interested in stopping the violence because it’s wrong. He wants it to stop because it’s helping President Trump.

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