Newt Gingrich’s op-ed on Minneapolis Democrats surrendering their city to criminals had so much damning information on Democrats that I decided to write this Part II post. Let’s dig into what’s left of Mr. Newt’s op-ed.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is made clear when you learn that Minneapolis taxpayers pay for private protection for three of their city council members. As a citizen of Minneapolis, you are told to surrender before being hurt by criminals. As part of the political aristocracy, you get taxpayer-funded private security, so you don’t have to worry. A nice benefit if you can get it.

The surrender-to-the-criminals approach is having a terrible effect on both the quality of life and the economy in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Downtown Council has already warned the city government that efforts to defund the police are driving businesses away from Minneapolis. According to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, the Downtown Council cautioned that “27 downtown companies are either considering or are actively seeking space in the suburbs to leave downtown.” Other businesses looking to move have “crossed Minneapolis off [their] search list,” the foundation reported.

What’s apparent is that the activists on the Minneapolis City Council think that they can paper over their foolish decisions. That apparently works when campaigning but it’s equally apparent that it doesn’t work with serious-minded businesses. The activists on the City Council don’t suffer repercussions for their decisions. Businesses that make bad decisions might lose their life savings at age 40-50. That’s a life-changer for most people.

In Seattle, where the local politicians surrendered more than a dozen city blocks to vandals and violent protestors, Police Chief Carmen Best, who is African American, had hundreds demonstrators outside her house. As The Washington Times reported, roughly 200 protestors drove to and crowded Best’s neighborhood (although she was not home). Some of Best’s neighbors had to block the streets with their own vehicles to keep the demonstrators from trespassing and damaging property.

One resident told a local Fox affiliate, “It was not peaceful… They were here to intimidate. Scare people. Scare children. There were children out there and they were asking them what schools they went to. They were yelling the most horrible things you’ve ever heard in your entire life.”

Seattle used to have the nickname of the Emerald City. It was a truly beautiful city. Now it’s fast becoming a dump. They’re cutting the SPD budget by 50% next year. Businesses aren’t sticking around thanks to the rising crime rate and rising minimum wage to $15.00 per hour to serve a cup of Starbucks to junkies.

Minneapolis belongs in the Democrats’ Hall of Shame. Jacob Frey didn’t protect his city. The Minneapolis City Council isn’t interested in protecting their people but is interested in doing unthinkable damage to the city. The Council spoke of re-imagining law enforcement. That was code for gutting law enforcement. These Democrats are a disgrace. Somewhere, Hubert Humphrey is rolling over in his grave.

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