It’s difficult reading the DFL talking points from this LTE. The second paragraph, it says “Across the country during this pandemic the lack of strong leadership has added to the chaos, health and economic challenges and death. In states like New York, with a strong governor who relies on science, data and communicating a clear message, harm has been mitigated. To date, that has been also true in Minnesota. But our COVID-19 cases are growing again.”

That’s just stunning. NY doesn’t have a strong governor. They’ve got a jackass who’s gotten undeserved fantastic press. Ask Janice Dean what she thinks of Gov. Cuomo. Here’s what she wrote about Gov. Cuomo:

A week before his dad died, someone called to let us know Mickey was being switched to another floor so they could let more patients in. From what I know now, I believe the new patients were ones recovering from COVID — thanks to a statewide mandate from Governor Andrew Cuomo.

On March 28th, Sean got a call and was told that his dad wasn’t well. He had a fever and his lungs were filling up. A few hours later he was dead. We assumed he had the coronavirus. We only got confirmation when we saw it on his death certificate.

When pressed about why he put COVID-recovering patients into nursing homes, Gov. Cuomo said that this was a CDC requirement. He lied about this. The CDC guidance said that COVID-recovering patients could convalesce in a nursing home if certain precautions were put in place. “Strong” Gov. Cuomo didn’t put those precautions in place.

Here in Minnesota, strongman DFL Gov. Tim Walz insists on running the state by executive order. The DFL House protects Gov. Walz’s dictatorial authorities without thinking whether there’s an emergency. HINT: There isn’t. According to this graphic, COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths have been cut in half from May to July:

Then there’s this:

We know the cycle. Without continued intervention in the weeks ahead, hospital beds and ICUs could be filling up and deaths will increase. We are also learning that after-effects for younger people in their 30s, 40s and 50s can be severe and the long-term impact of that on health and employment is unknown. So this continues to be an emergency.

Notice that the DFL said could, not shall, can, not will. The DFL needs a new dictionary. The definition of emergency is “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action. a state, especially of need for help or relief, created by some unexpected event:” An occurrence is something that’s happened, not something that might happen.

This LTE was written to protect DFL-endorsed candidates who’ve likely gotten bombarded with questions while door-knocking. People don’t like autocratic rule, especially now that the crisis has passed.

Minnesota is a leader in medicine and public health. We are identified nationally by such eminent scientists as Dr. Michael Osterholm, who has minced no words in saying how serious the coronavirus crisis is and that it’s getting more serious by the day. Jan Malcolm, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health, is widely recognized as an expert in both the big picture and granular detail of pandemic response.

Jan Malcolm isn’t an expert. She’s a blithering idiot. She should be fired. Dr. Osterholm might be an expert but he’s wrong about this so-called crisis. The graphic from the Minnesota Department of Health verifies that.

The numbers verify that the worst is behind us. Facts are stubborn things.

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  • Rex Newman says:

    Actually, he’s right in that the lack of strong leadership has added to our problems here in Minnesota. (Don’t confuse strong with strong-arm, strong man, …) We like to think ourselves as models for other states regarding health care and education. And then we present the nation with babbling Jan and fast-talking Tim, not a coherent thought between them.

  • eric z says:

    I question Cuomo’s character and policies. How he got to be Governor was by majority vote, and somebody should research who the two-party system offered as an alternative. Who is funding promotion of Cuomo is another question due research. Do you or readers know much about New York politics? I lived in Buffalo, but that was years ago, and Western New York got little attention. Most recently one of its House Reps had to quit over insider trading, so go figure. New York City House districts are seeing long-term office holders being replaced with younger people as demographics change. How Cuomo fits in such transitioning is unclear.

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