Buck Sexton’s op-ed exposes the Democrats’ intentions to transform the United States into something resembling a third-world dictatorship. Sexton also highlights the media’s role in running interference for the domestic terrorists.

For almost two months, Portland has been under siege from Antifa and other extremists. These troops of the left terrorize the downtown area every night. They with paramilitary precision. As organized anarchists, they deploy a wide array of less than lethal weapons to wound police, ranging from bats and bricks to lasers shot in the eyes of officers to permanently damage their sight. All of this is to further their goal to overturn our society and radically transform the country.

Antifa isn’t murdering anyone. They’re blinding federal law enforcement agents. The thing is that they’re participating in a riot. They don’t have to commit murders or violent crimes to be convicted and put in prison for decades. The deterrent with federal crimes is lengthy prison sentences in a federal penitentiary.

If the news media cared to tell the public the truth, it would have been a top story on nightly broadcasts for weeks. The Antifa rioters even tried to break into and burn down a federal courthouse in the city. The campaign of intimidation and destruction is plainly domestic terrorism. But the one reason the siege on Portland has become a major news story is because the administration is trying to restore law and order to the beleaguered city, and Democrats hysterically oppose any such action.

Thus far, Democrats have shown their hatred of police officers on a nightly basis. Check this out:

Before Jessica Tarlov or some other dishonest leftist mouthpiece says that these aren’t Democrats, I’ll just remind them that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler spent the night with the rioters. Democrats in Oregon have filed lawsuits against the federal government to prevent them from doing their jobs, too. These are public officials who don’t want to enforce the laws of their city and state.

Democrats who won’t enforce their own laws but will file lawsuits attempting to prevent federal law enforcement officers from upholding federal law hate police. Another bit of proof that Democrats hate police is that Democrats have been totally silent about the Antifa rioters who used lasers to blind for life police officers. Officers that can’t function shouldn’t be ignored. Democrats have essentially ignored these officers wounded in the line of duty.

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