I’ve long thought that Joe Biden’s lead isn’t as solid as polling suggests. This article suggests that President Trump is making a spirited pitch to Hispanics. When Democrats attacked and boycotted Goya Foods, it gave the Trump campaign the opening it needed to attack Democrats and Joe Biden.

In a TV ad set to start airing in south Florida, Cuban actress Susana PĂ©rez says “We sacrificed so much to be free and respected. Now the left has launched a smear campaign against Goya, the brand we love, just because Goya is working with President Trump, just like it did with Obama. Joe Biden and the Democrats are too extreme, socialism, cut police funding, take away charter schools and Joe Biden is too weak to defend us.”

The message is clear and powerful. Mixed throughout the ad are images of Che Guevara, the Cuban Refugee Airlift, AOC and a picture of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders smiling on a debate stage while the Chiron says “Extremists.”

That’s just part of the bad news. Here’s more bad news for Biden:

The same survey found 60 percent of Latinos said they’d vote for Biden over Trump. An NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll from late June found that 59 percent of Latino voters back Biden over Trump. Those figures, if translated into November vote totals, would be less than the 66 percent Hillary Clinton achieved in 2016 and the 71 percent Barack Obama won in 2012.

If President Trump gets 30%-35% of the Hispanic vote, he’ll put lots of states in play. Think of it this way. If President Trump loses Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin but holds all of the other states he won in 2016, he’d be at 260 electoral votes. If President Trump then wins New Hampshire and New Mexico, that puts him at 269 electoral votes, which throws the race to the House of Representatives.

That’s before considering possibilities like Colorado and Minnesota. Thanks to Jacob Frey’s mishandling of the George Floyd riots, Minnesota is definitely in play, though it’s still an uphill fight for Trump.

That’s academic if President Trump wins any of the Hillary Blue Wall states this time.

3 Responses to “Donald Trump courts Florida’s Hispanic voters with ‘Goya ad’”

  • eric z says:

    Do you know whether Florida is considering voting by mail? Will all the retirees have to go to polling places at risk of Covid-19? Do you see that as a factor or non-factor?

  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    Two thoughts:
    As a senior citizen, I plan to go to the polls early in the morning to vote. I will be wearing a mask if the Covid-19 pandemic is still at high levels. I will not be intimidated. This election is one of evil racial pandering by leftists vs the Constitution and the concept of “all men are created equal.”
    Second Gary, I want to thank you for all the hard work you do keeping us up to date on local, Minnesota and national issues.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, I don’t know what the laws are in Florida. What I’m certain of is that Gov. DeSantis made protecting seniors in LTC facilities from COVID a priority. I’m not opposed to protecting seniors. I’m just opposed to automatic mail-out of ballots to all registered voters. Most states’ SVRS are filled with dead voters. Further, in Paterson, NJ, officials are saying that 20% of all ballots are either disqualified or don’t match the handwriting on file for voters.

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