Nick Arama’s article essentially reaches the same conclusion I reached in this article. We both think that ‘peaceful protesters’ are being used by Antifa and BLM rioters as human shields. Aramis writes “This may have been a protest at one point. But now these “protests” are just covers for the riots. This was a full-on planned assault on the police, not protest that got out of hand. Planned attack. And planned attempt to rip down the statue.”

Let’s ask this important question. Why is it that each riot was preceded by a peaceful protest? Let’s ask another question. Why does the MSM start each article talking about a peaceful protest? Why have we seen article after article about an evening starting off with peaceful protests that turn into riots just before midnight? I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night. I’m not that gullible.

These articles are as implausible as Susan Rice’s Benghazi story that the Libya riots were started by a Youtube video. These ‘peaceful protest’ articles are as plausible as this testimony:

I agree with Nick on this, too:

It’s about time media start reporting the reality of it, that these are criminal attacks. They could have killed cops with what they did, who knows how many were injured because of this.

These aren’t peaceful protesters that the police attacked. They were rioters throwing projectiles at the police. They were rioters who wanted to tear down a statue:

Words matter. I’ve been blogging for 16 years. I know the difference between rioters and protesters. It’s easy to differentiate between the 2. Rioters are violent. Protesters aren’t. Another way to differentiate between rioters and protesters is by listening to protesters talking into a megaphone, saying “This is a peaceful protest. This is not the way”:

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