1:25: The DFL coningent just arrived. Tarryl, Speaker Kelliher, Leaders Sertich & Pogemiller & Larry Haws are here.

1:27: We’re here to talk about all the things we accomplished. “We’re here to talk about the extra $51 per student.” Recognizing Reps. Haws & Severson for working on vets issues.

1:29: Turned it over to Tarryl. “St. Cloud has alot to be thankful for.” “We worked to cut spending by $350 million.” “We need to make sure communities have the resources they need.” Governments, not people, are the priority?

1:32: Pogemiller injects “Talk about your bridge.” Tarryl: “It isn’t my bridge.” Now talking about the role transportation bill plays in rebuilding the DeSoto Bridge. Tarryl to St. Cloud Airport direction: “Sorry about not getting airport more money.”

1:34: Leader Sertich talking about adding 12,000 people to the insured list. Difficult making cuts. Just mentioned in passing that 5,000 of those people will be added through tax credits, not via MinnesotaCare. The tax credit is a big improvement.

1:36: Haws talking about “sticking with the basics.” “We modeled how to serve.” “When the sum of the part is greater than the individual” , the result is good. “Mr. Mareck’s people want to be working.” Haws is talking extensively about the bonding bill. (Prosperity is gov’t.’s responsibility.) “We will change from NCLB to No School District Left Behind.” “We will not be the great state of Minnesota until we solve” K-12. Just wondering: Is voting for most of the tax increases, estimated at $12.1 billion, sticking with the basics? Is bonding bill the most efficient way of creating jobs?

1:41: Kellliher: Transportation bill will add 50K jobs.

1:44: Pogie “The biggest disappointment was not taking care of the structural deficit.” Talks about including inflation, blah, blah, blah. “Next year will be a tough session.”

1:46: Larry S.: Were the JOBZ reforms important? Tarryl: I disagreed with Larry Pogemiller on this.” Pogemiller: “I was trying to get JOBZ elimineted but Tarryl & Gov. Pawlenty won.” Lighthearted laughter at that point.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    Funny that nobody ever talks about “we added 50K jobs” thanks to new government spending, but lost 100K jobs due to higher taxes.

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