The crisis has passed. Over the past month, COVID-related deaths have dropped from an average of more than 100 per week to less than 30 per week. Despite that dramatic drop in COVID-related deaths, the DFL insists that we’re still in the midst of a crisis. What a bunch of BS that is. That’s intellectually insulting.

Jessie van Berkel’s article starts by saying “Minnesota lawmakers returned to the State Capitol on Monday hoping to resolve continuing partisan differences on police accountability, a major public works package and several tax and spending measures. But first they faced off over Gov. Tim Walz’s decision to extend his emergency powers for another 30 days to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, a move that prompted the second legislative session of the summer, just four months ahead of the November elections.”

Frankly, Republicans should issue an ultimatum. Either vote to end this autocracy or we’ll make this the campaign issue this fall. House Republicans don’t have a ton of power but they’ve essentially got a veto over a bonding bill. If the DFL won’t vote to strip Tim Walz of his peacetime emergency powers, then Republicans should make that a major issue this fall.

Under DFL rule, we’ve seen rioting, the unnecessary strangulation of Minnesota’s economy and government of, by and for the DFL. The people of Minnesota have lost their voice. Families, both in downtown Minneapolis and across Minnesota, have lost their life savings. The Walz administration’s Department of Health kept shipping COVID-positive cases back into long-term care (LTC) facilities. Then they tried blaming these unnecessary deaths on the Trump administration.

Shame on the DFL for spreading that lie. The CDC said that LTCs “may” send COVID-positive patients into LTCs if they quarantined those COVID-positive patients away from the general population. The CDC didn’t say shall send.

The DFL is insisting on keeping Gov. Walz’s peacetime emergency powers intact with the flimsiest excuses:

Democratic House Speaker Melissa Hortman said she believes the governor’s emergency powers are critical as COVID-19 cases rise nationally, a trend that has prompted intensifying national debates about face masks and opening schools in the fall.

Honestly? That’s the best the DFL can do? The number of cases are rising nationally? That means nothing by itself.

Hortman and the DFL insist that King Timmy might need those emergency powers further down the road. Given the DFL’s history of wildly overestimating the impact of COVID-19, I’m betting he won’t need them. I’m betting that the DFL, like King Timmy, just loves the power trip.

But Hortman pointed to the spike in Southern states like Texas, where refrigerated trucks are needed to store bodies because morgues are at capacity. “We have to very seriously consider what it could be in the future for Minnesotans,” she said. “So the emergency is in no respects over.”

Walz characterized the COVID-19 pandemic as an evolving emergency. “The peacetime emergency has provided us tools to save lives and mitigate the devastating impacts of this pandemic,” he said in a statement Monday extending his emergency powers. “As cases skyrocket in other states, we can’t let our guard down now.”

I agree that we can’t let our guard down. We don’t need King Timmy’s emergency powers intact to keep our guard up, though.

Something that’s happened with the peacetime emergency powers is that King Timmy and the DFL have stopped listening to Minnesotans:

The Declaration of Independence emphatically states that governments derive “their just powers” by “the consent of the governed.” King Timmy isn’t asking Minnesotans for their consent through the legislature. He’s just issuing one decree after another.

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