11:24: I’m just getting setup for liveblogging Gov. Pawlenty’s St. Cloud end-of-session wrap-up. We shouold be getting started soon.

11:30: We’re about to get started. Brian McClung is handing out the accomplishments reports.

11:35: Gov. Pawlenty now introducing our local legislators & talking about our brighter future. “Our budget is balanced.” Our health care is more affordable.” “In terms of budgets & taxes…we were intent on state government living within its means.” Property taxes have been rising too fast. Recognized that capping property taxes was best way to achieve property tax relief. Savings will total $460 million.

11:38: “Mayor Kleis tells me that St. Cloud’s cap is a matterof policy.” That cap is less than the cap in the bill.

11:41: Republicans were able to get into the bill & start reforming health care. Highlights tax credits for private health care.

11:43: Talking about giving Mayor Kleis a broom for the “clean sweep” in the bonding bill.

11:45: Dan Severson talking now about the veterans bonding bill. Senate not supportive of veterans issues. “We had many good provisions for veterans.”

11:48: “We took some hard votes to increase K-12 funding.” “We kept Governor’s reforms in place, including QComp.”

11:50: Steve Gottwalt- We balanced the budget without raising taxes. We increased school funding thanks to Republicans standing strong with Gov. Pawlenty. “I’ve been an advocate” for making education accountable. Republicans wanted a 4%-4% increase in K-12 funding LAST YEAR. Limiting property taxes is “just downright responsible.”

11:54: We kept JOBZ, which helps St. Cloud.

11:55: We got more people covered without shoving them all into MinnesotaCare. Almost half of those insured will be through private insurance.

11:58: We made “some progress” towards 2010-2011 deficit.

12:00: Theresa Bohnen: “Thank you for JOBZ. if that didn’t stay in place, there was a company that” the Chamber is working with that said that they’d go to Wisconsin.”

12:02: News conference is over.

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