President Trump rejected DFL Gov. Tim Walz’s request for $500,000,000 in federal disaster relief aid. That rejection notice is drawing widespread praise. Conservative talk show host Mark Levin chimed in with this tweet:

Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, praised the Trump administration’s decision to reject Minnesota’s request in this tweet:

This says it perfectly:

Governors and Mayors who ordered police to stand down and watch their cities burn shouldn’t get a penny in taxpayer aid!

This is what happens when you have activists running the show. Frey was the bigger idiot of the 2 but Walz wasn’t far behind in that category. When the crisis hit, neither knew what to do. What’s astonishing is that Frey actually stood up to the mob momentarily before getting booed off the stage:

What’s interesting is that Gov. Walz hasn’t said a thing about the Minneapolis City Council’s vote to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department, aka the MPD. As governor, his primary responsibility is to protect his citizens. Dismantling the MPD won’t protect Minneapolis residents. It’ll put them in greater danger. A friend who grew up in the area told me Friday that 20% of the buildings on E. Lake St. are up for sale! People are doing their best to get out of Minneapolis. With the City Council’s vote to dismantle the MPD, people simply don’t feel safe. Some are retiring while others are moving to safer neighborhoods.

This is what minorities have to lose by voting for Democrats. Democrats are pacifists. If it isn’t Jacob Frey, it’s Jenny Durkan. If it isn’t Durkan, it’s Bill de Blasio. If it isn’t de Blasio, it’s Lori Lightfoot. I could continue but you get the picture.

If this was a natural disaster, Minnesotans would’ve chipped in. This was entirely avoidable if we’d had leadership. We didn’t have leadership this time. It’s difficult picturing improved leadership in Minneapolis anytime soon.

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