I feel sad for Joe Biden while he fights his way through his declining cognitive skills. I can’t imagine how frustrated the Democrats’ presidential nominee feels as he tries to put complete sentences together. This isn’t a gaffe:

That’s a major party’ presidential candidate forgetting what he was saying. This happens far too often to just be dismissed. This happened at last week’s press conference:

If someone asked him where he was or what month it was, I don’t think he’d know. This happened at the same press conference:

It’s frightening that the guy in these videos might become the next leader of the Free World. The fact that he’s the best that Democrats have is frightening. He’s barely able put a full sentence together. Last week, people questioned whether he could string 2 straight sentences together. This week, I’m not certain that he’s capable of consistently putting a full sentence together.

If Democrats insist on trotting Biden out there as a faux moderate, then the Trump campaign should pepper the airwaves with Joe Biden’s daily dementia attacks. It isn’t like the MSM will make note of these episodes.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    Shameful elder abuse by the Dems. Do they really think they can prop this guy up all the way through Nov. 3rd? I see they are trying to weasel his way out of the debates.

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