The Democrat-controlled cesspool of Seattle still hasn’t notified Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. of his son’s death. In a riveting 36-minute interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Anderson poured his heart out to Sean Hannity. Anarchists blocked police officers and first responders from reaching the younger Anderson inside the CHOP. This article appears to confirm the story.

According to the Washington Post article, “As those celebrations continued after dark and mixed with general Friday-night revelry and end-of-school-year celebrations, a volatile mixture of fireworks, alcohol and firearms triggered violence. Early Saturday morning, two men suffered gunshot wounds. A 19-year-old died and the other, age unknown, is in critical condition in the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg confirmed to The Washington Post.”

During his interview, Anderson Sr. opened up to Hannity because Hannity reached out to him in a father-to-father conversation:

Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr., the father of a 19-year-old black man who was shot and killed last month inside Seattleā€™s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) publicly pleaded for answers on “Hannity” Wednesday night, saying police and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan had failed to reach out to him since his son’s death. At that point, Hannity stopped the conversation, stunned with what he was hearing.

Anderson Sr. broke down in tears as he recalled learning of his son’s death. “The only way I found out was just two of his friends, just two friends that just happened to be up there and they came and told me,” he said. “They weren’t even from Seattle. Now, mind you, I haven’t heard — the police department, they never came …

This is the video of the interview:

About 8:18 into the interview, Anderson Sr. told Hannity “they wouldn’t even let me see my son that night. It took me a whole week before I could see my son.” That prompted Hannity to react, saying “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You weren’t allowed to see your son for a week?” Towards the end of the interview, Hannity said “We can do better than this. Some people would turn this into a gun debate. No. Just every city needs to create a zone. We’ll call it a ‘safe and secure zone’ so that every child could have a childhood and have coaching…”

Hannity is right when he said that this isn’t about politics. He’s right because it’s about government protecting the American family. In this segment, Hannity nails it, saying that this isn’t about politics, that “you can’t pursue happiness, you can’t pursue a more perfect union, if you’re not safe”:

Whether it’s Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago or St. Louis, these cities must do a better job of protecting their citizens. Reimagining policing or whatever the catchy phrase of the day is is garbage. We know what works because Rudy Giuliani gave us the blueprint. Executing Mr. Giuliani’s blueprint guarantees successful outcomes. Period.

Set aside the goofiness of white privilege and systemic racism. There is racism. It just isn’t systemic. Systemic racism is a term used to indict entire cities. Broad brushes smear innocent people. No thank you.

Seattle needs to contact Mr. Anderson. Then they need to apologize for not fulfilling its responsibilities.

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